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6 Weird Food Combos That Are Totally Strange Like 2020 Itself

With this year 2020 coming to an end in next two days from now, lets take a glance and look at the 6 weird food combos that are totally strange like 2020 itself.

This has been the most weird, totally unexpected and emotionally overwhelming year for each one of us across the globe where in if the social media wars between B town actors and actresses was not enough, we did see really peculiar food trends in the past few months during the lockdown in midst of the nationwide COVID 19 pandemic which has totally made us flabbergasted. So here are 6 weird food combos that are totally strange like 2020 itself.

From most entertaining memes to worst Bollywood movies to class path breaking content by digital content creators to entertaining videos by Youtubers to super successful digital webseries over shadowing bollywood films and theatres post pandemic, this year has shown as all its shades in extreme doses and now here are the 6 weird food combos that are totally strange like 2020 itself.

If you ever want to gauge and assess as to how much weird and bizarre this year 2020 has been for everyone in India, especially the desi netizens, you should just take a look at the 6 weird food combos that are totally strange like 2020 itself.

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You have a big variety right from Biryani totally soaked in Nutella to curd Maggi, all the remaining inquisitiveness will be over once you see the list of 6 weird food combos that are totally strange like 2020 itself.

1. Chocolate Maggi (June 2020) – After seeing this out of the box and horror social media viral food trend, we feel that our tongue has gone for a toss and the nostalgic memories that are associated with Maggi for every 90’s kid will never be the same again after watching this along with the fact that our taste buds just died.

Source: Rahul Passi twitter. He had posted this picture of making a chocolate maggi which even though so gross and bad became a viral food trend of June 2020.

2. Nutella Biryani (May 2020) – After seeing another yet weird viral food trend which was being viral in May 2020, It’s safe to say that Indian people’s favorite delicacy Biryani which is loved by all age groups has been ruined and spoiled forever thanks to this Nutella Biryani trend and also why didn’t the world end before we had to witness this trend.

Source: Dark Cynic Twitter. He posted this picture of Nutella soaked biryani which also became a food trend on May 2020.

3. Samosa In Buns With Chocolate Sauce (August 2020) – Another weird food trend of this year is Indian popular snack samosa in the buns also known as pav with chocolate sauce. Samosa, which is a triangle shaped spicy savory snack item popular in Mumbai apart from wada pav and is all time favorite of Mumbaikars will never be the same ever again after this trend and the question here is not why, but exactly who is going to eat this sweet and gooey chocolate samosa pav.

4. Maggi Panipuri (June 2020) – One of the most idiotic and worst food trends of 2020 was Maggi Panipuri both the favorite all time street food delicacies Panipuri and Maggi have been amalgamated with each other to create an new type of Panipuri which is Maggi Panipuri. Both the snacks have gone for a toss with this weirdest ever food trend on social media and now if all of you are looking for a sign to go to Mars, this is it so we should just pack our bags and leave.

Source: Bunny J Twitter. He posted this image of newly created Maggi panipuri which went viral and trending on Twitter as food trend in June 2020.

5. Chocolate Fried Chicken (September 2020) – Another worse and totally gross food trend of 2020 was Chocolate fried chicken that went viral a few months back in September 2020 on social media wherein chicken leg pieces are coated in chocolate sauce and deep friend in the oil and then served with a sweet and sour honey chilli and mustard sauce which has also ended up ruining our tongue taste bud palettes wherein just because we were in midst of a global wide COVID 19 pandemic, doesn’t really mean that American people have got right to spoil Indian cuisine’s signature dish of spicy chicken leg pieces.

Source: Tega Twitter. He posted this image on his twitter handle wherein this video of Chocolate fried chicken ended up being viral on Twitter as food trend of September 2020.

6. Maggi with Curd (November 2020) – Another whacked up and bizarre social media trend that even though is so gross and bad, ended up being viral and trending last month in November 2020 which is the Maggi with curd trend which has also tried to spoil our childhood to forever favorite midnight meal / favorite noodles and now surely for the 90’s generation of kids who have grown up eating Maggi and still which is their favorite that is almost majority of India, have hated and abhorred this version of Maggi straightaway which is worse than the one when Shah Rukh in Ra.One had noodles with curd.

Source: Rogi Badhityanath Twitter. She posted this picture of Maggi with curd last month itself which even though has ruined our Maggi, went viral and trending in November 2020 as a food trend.

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