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6 Indigenous Indian Gins That Are Perfect For New Years

We can proudly say that India is becoming self reliant #Aatmanirbhar as now even our country is seen curating and producing gin tipples with Indian flavours according to different taste palettes of people so here we bring the 6 indigenous Indian gins that are perfect for New Years.

India is also finally getting self-reliant as now even our country is making home grown, and totally new age Indian brands of everyone’s favorite alcohol which is gin and it is being made in an unconventional way to suit everyone’s taste palettes where it is offering a modern day reinterpretation and fresh take on our all-time favorite spirit. So here are the 6 indigenous Indian gins that are perfect for new years.

Gin though originally has its origins as an international brand of home brew brandy which is now loved by people and liquor aficionados worldwide, is being made in India as well with our own distinct flavours which is another step forward in making India self-reliant. You know how classy gin is when even the queen of England ends up officially unveiling and launching her favorite tipple using ingredients from her back garden. So here are the 6 indigenous Indian gins that are perfect for new years.

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Speaking of Indian home grown whisky brands, right from Rajasthan to Goa, gin is slowly and gradually going on to become the preferred and favourite alcohol choice.

With a vast variety of spices in India which also includes the Himalayan juniper which is the most important and primary ingredient that is involved in making of gin, it’s not a surprising fact anymore as tipple has finally made its way in India to be handcrafted and locally made in both the old and new age modern day distilleries. So here we bring forth the 6 indigenous Indian gins that are perfect for new years.

1. GinGin – GinGin is an Indian gin which has a tasteful amalgamation of 9 indian botanical herbs namely Himalayan Juniper, coriander, lavender, rosemary, caraway seeds, cinnamon, lemongrass, butterfly pea flower, and hemp. This one is surely going to be loved by Indians because of the citrusy yet tangy feel and as it has used a very rare and time consuming distillation process, this one surely will leave a happy effect on people and brownie points for the hemp that only enhances the flavors of the gin.

2. Perry Road Peru – This is a distilled style gin cocktail that comes in a bottle which has been curated and invented jointly by both the renowned Indian cuisine café Bombay Canteen and indie gin maker Stranger & sons. This one is perfect for a quiet house party with your friends as it captures the spirit of the Mumbai city and blends it into a cocktail that is made with perus (guavas), soaked in gin. A totally winning street side chaat masala peru into a bottle.

3. Jaisalmer – Jaisalmer is another Indian locally created whisky brand that has been made in the foothills of the gigantic Himalaya mountains and the botanicals that have been used in this one have travelled all the parts of India which include coriander and vetiver from near Jaisalmer, sweet orange peel from Central India, cubeb pepper from Southern India, Darjeeling green tea leaves from Eastern India, lemon peel from Western India and lemongrass from Southern India. This one has a citrusy and zingy vibe due to orange peels, lemon peels and lemongrass along with the spicy dash pf peppers and is an apt choice for your own quiet home party on the new years thanks to the COVID 19 pandemic.

4. Hapusa – This Himalayan made dry gin gets its name from the Sanskrit word for juniper which is the main ingredient responsible for giving gin the perfect flavor and aroma. This one is a total wow and stunner as its infusion of the medicinal spice turmeric and mangoes (alphonso hapus aam) make it one of the very few and rare tastefully curated savoury gins today which is best served with either ice, tonic or brewed cold coffee.

5. Terai – Terai is a grain to glass style of gin that is made in Rajasthan just the way London dry gin is made which is a brand new home grown gin brand from Globus Spirits and also marks their first venture in this crafts spirit genre. Terai’s main ingredient is their own home made rice grain spirit which makes it very unique and totally out of the box and its main ingredients include Tulsi, coriander, fennel which gives it freshness while lavender, rose perfumes and almonds which gives it a slightly bitter and nutty taste.

6. Pumori – Pumori is a new age western style home grown Indian gin that has been curated by the makers of Woodburns Whisky and has been named after Mount Pumori from where the juniper used in this particular gin has been sourced. Produced in Goa, this gin is a total winner thanks to its tastefully created concoction of 12 botanicals wherein this totally western style gin has the flavours of Himalayan juniper, orange peel, lemon peel, cardamom, coriander seeds, liquorice, nutmeg, rosemary, aniseed, cinnamon, almond and vanilla embedded in it and also this gin places more emphasis on the spices rather than the spirits where it has flavorful bursts of cardamom in each sip followed by the herbs along with the citric tangy vibes and a pinch of liquorice. This one is only for those who are very adventurous and want something new each time.

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