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5 Signs That Prove You’re Protein Deficient

Here are a few signs that prove that your regular protein intake is not in the right proportion.

Protein, one of the most essential nutrients in the growth of any kid or adult, should have the perfect amount of consumption on a regular basis. For the ideal nourishment of our cells and internal system, it is necessary that our body gets the right amount of protein intake at regular intervals of 4-5 hours.

The real question arises is that how do we know if our receives the right amount of protein regularly, so here are a few signs or symptoms of less protein intake regularly.

1) Stress Fractures.

Along with calcium intake, our bones also need enough amount of protein. This protein helps protect the bones. But when our body does not receive a sufficient amount of proteins, other body organs and tissues tend to extract the proteins stored in the skeletal muscles. This will cause protein deficiency in the skeletal muscles and bones causing fractures.

2)  Brittle Hair and Softer Nails.

Protein is the most essential nutrient for hair and nails growth and deficiency of protein can cause softer nails and brittle hair.

3) Weight loss in muscles.

If the body feels protein deficiency, the other organs of the body start borrowing proteins from the muscles of the body which causes a weight loss in the muscle area which is a bad sign.

4) Weakness.

If you are feeling internal weakness in your body, then this is nothing but protein deficiency in your internal muscle.

5) Frequency in diseases.

Protein is an efficient part of building the immune system of our body and if there is no enough protein intake for your body it causes frequency in diseases.

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