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4 Iconic Street Sandwiches In Mumbai That Can’t Be Missed

In this new year 2021, after culling and sifting through the entire clutter of sandwich places, lets take a close glance at 4 iconic street sandwiches in Mumbai that can’t be missed.

Sandwiches are considered as a life saver in Mumbai especially for our youth who want to have a quick yet tasty meal be it in breakfast, lunch or dinner since bread in Mumbai is a staple food item where quite often, even a cup of tea with bread is as good as a full meal for many people. So when the bread is filled with healthy vegetables with chutneys for tangy and spicy taste, it becomes a mouth-watering and yummy sandwich. So here we bring forth to you a curated list of 4 iconic street sandwiches in Mumbai that can’t be missed.

A typical Bombay style sandwich has always been pocket friendly, convenient and scrumptious to our taste palettes because of the vast varieties that we get from diverse sandwich vendors who have their own self-made chutneys where some chutneys are spicy, some are sweet and tangy along with some people wanting to have their sandwich without a chutney with only vegetables and butter in it. It was indeed a task to cull out the clutter, but let’s take a look at 4 iconic street sandwiches in Mumbai that can’t be missed.

From using different kind of techniques to make a sandwich more tantalizing and yummy to the main ingredient which is a sandwich masala that can either make or break the entire sandwich, we would be taking a thorough glance at 4 iconic street sandwiches in Mumbai that can’t be missed.

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Also, this is an important factor that every sandwich vendor in Mumbai has their own distinctive style and flavour of masala and chutney which makes their sandwich stand out from the monotonous clutter.

1. Jai Jawan Stall – An iconic Bombay vibing town side famous sandwich stall which defines the spirit of Mumbai is the Jai Jawan stall situated near the Sterling theatre and is also pocket friendly. Their sandwiches are usually made with two slices of bread having an amalgamation of fresh healthy vegetables filled with mayonnaise and cheese to the brim and are totally worth it along with being scrumptious. Their must have sandwich is the veg grill with salad dressing mixed with mayonnaise and cheese and the Nutella sandwich. A lot of our youth loves eating sandwich here where the cost for 2 is Rs 200.

Source: Moodie Foodie Instagram. They posted this post of Jai Jawan sandwich stall in CST that’s very famous for its sandwiches.

2. Raju Sandwich – Situated in Churchgate, Raju sandwich is another iconic street sandwich vendor in Mumbai where typically we can always see a flurry of college crowd eating sandwiches, rolls and pizzas that are pocket friendly and also delicious to our taste buds. Their most famous food items are the chilly cheese toast, grilled cheese sandwich and cheese panini. Another interesting fact is that he makes sandwiches in rolls as well as normal bread wherein his rolls are too popular amongst the college going student’s crowd and cost for two is Rs. 150.

Source: Munchy Mumbai Instagram. They posted this picture of Raju Sandwich stall located in Churchgate that usually sees a flurry of college students gorging on their delicious sandwiches.

3. Lucky Sandwich And Pizza Counter – Situated right in middle of the foodies and shopper’s paradise, Vile Parle station is the very popular sandwich stall called Lucky Sandwich And Pizza Counter. What initially started off as a regular sandwich stall is now a full-fledged snacks stall which has tan entire range of pizzas, grill sandwiches and paninis. The USP is the chutney that he uses. You can’t miss out on the sada toast, masala toast and Mexican panini. You’ll always see a humongous crowd of college going students here gorging on yummy sandwiches where the cost for 2 is Rs. 200.

Source: Foodiee Corner Instagram. They posted this post of Lucky Sandwich And Pizza Counter situated in Vile Parle which has diverse varieties of pizzas, sandwiches and paninis and is quite popular amongst college going students as well.

4. Right Place – If there is a single place that is known by every sandwich lover in Mumbai, then it has to be the Right Place which is situated right in the heart of Breach Candy. It has been there from past many years and also serves the same iconic and authentic style grilled cheese sandwich which has not changed its way of making it from past so many decades now but the winning factor and USP of this sandwich is the potato and capsicum mixture that he uses in making the sandwich tantalizing for people’s taste palettes. A slightly on the expensive side, he also specializes in serving chaats and best softies as well where the cost for 2 people is Rs. 250.

Source: The Side Walk Eatery Mumbai. They posted about this must have sandwich paradise for foodies, called the Right Place which is situated right in the heart of Breach Candy from past so many decades and is well known for his sandwiches.

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