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5 Chic And Stylish Headbands That Suit Literally Every Girl

When it comes to constantly changing and ever evolving hair trends globally, we all know about how the beach blonde was lit back in 2019 and then in last year ‘the shag’ was being seen highly in trend and currently the 70’s blowouts are huge right now wherein we are also seeing how the Grammy winning singer Billie Eilish has brought the old Hollywood blonde color back in trend and all cool girls are totally killing and rocking the 90’s pigtails and so let’s take a look at the 5 chic and stylish headbands that suit literally every girl.

Totally it feels like Summer 2021 is indeed going to be the season of flaunting headbands for girls across the globe out there even if they are not a headband person and which is why we are going to see the top 5 chic and stylish headbands that suit literally every girl.

Often overlooked and neglected by girls, the humble and quirky hair accessory headband is back in vogue now and in the same spirit, let’s take a thorough glance at 5 chic and stylish headbands that suit literally every girl.

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If you have never seen headbands as an hair accessory till now, then you should totally focus and put your attention on these totally neglected and over looked headband pieces pronto as up until now we all have always been shoving up in a bobble when our hairs feel frizzy but this time around, definitely barrettes, bows and bands are back in fashion and all the rage.

1. Satin – One of the most followed and hottest headband trend right now, Satin headbands are totally fun and stylish but also really flattering as well which also adds a volume to any simple haircut as well.

2. Embellishment – We love this headband trend as just like the name itself, it means that they are totally glamorous headbands embellished with stones, diamonds, flowers and so on and also its OTT (Over The Top) which means that it adds a serious yet subtly glam appeal even to most of casual looks which renders a getting ready post lockdown  feeling in every girl when the inspiration is running bit dry and low like a real dash of freshness.

3. Wrap – We really love this hair accessory trend as just like the name signifies, Wrap is all about evoking the nostalgia of cult ear of 90’s which also could be termed clueless but even though rather than pushed back from the middle of your head, it is kept totally in trend by positioning it at the very front of your hairline.

4. Velvet – This hair accessory headband is alike a good old ode and nostalgia to our childhood when we all were really obsessed with these velvet headbands with our names a couple of decades ago and even though now it may not be personalized, but they’re reigniting some serious nostalgia.

5. Go Your Own Way – Just like the name of this headband, it means having the freedom of going your own way and as a hair accessory trend, it is all about the freedom of our hair and it comes many styles like plaited, feathered and printed as well and this one’s for the braveheart and charismatic free spirited headband warriors who never like following the trends.

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