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DIY All-Natural Lip Scrub For Rosy Lips

Here’s a super fun lip scrub DIY for rosy pink lips.

Dimpled chin or not, this DIY is sure to leave you with rosy lips!

This DIY lip scrub is super easy, all-natural and EDIBLE, so don’t worry if you end up eating some of it, you won’t die.

What You’ll Need:

1.       Honey – Honey is a natural moisturizer and binder and it helps trap the moisture on your lips.

2.       Coconut oil (room temperature) – Has lots of health benefits, you can also use this as a makeup remover, Khloé Kardashian loves to use it on her hair, Kourtney Kardashian loves using it on her body and it is also a great alternative for shaving cream for ladies who shave their hands/legs.

3.       Brown/Raw sugar – Sugar is a very soft and natural exfoliator.

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1.       Take 1 tbsp honey and 1 tbsp coconut oil. Thoroughly mix it together.

2.       Add 1 tbsp brown/raw sugar to the mixture and continue mixing.

3.       Add more coconut oil to smoothen the mixture if it’s too thick for you’re liking.

4.       Keep the lip scrub at room temperature for 10 mins for it to soften


1.       Use your middle or ring finger to scoop some of the scrub.

2.       Apply the scrub on your lips evenly.

3.       Massage the lip scrub into your lips in small, circular motion for 1-2 mins.

4.       Use a fresh tissue or a soft towel to wipe off the scrub.


1.       The scrub is edible so if you end up eating some, don’t worry!

2.       Best to use before wearing a matte lipstick, it prevents colour bleeding.

3.       You can store the remaining lip scrub in a small jar for upto two weeks.

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