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Giorgia Andriani Reveals Her Secret Behind Perfect Bikini Body & Flawless Skin

Actress Giorgia Andriani has shared her fitness secret that can get you a bikini body and flawless skin. Check out!

Celebrity fitness mantras are always a hot topic among fitness enthusiasts. There are many who look up to celebrities for their fitness goals. And when it comes to top fitness devotees, Giorgia Andriani is on the top of the list.

Actress Giorgia Andriani has shared her top 5 fitness mantras for her perfect healthy lifestyle and the secret behind her sheer glass body.

1- Intense Cardio workout

Giorgia Andriani prefers waking up early, then the actress does fast cardio like cycling, running, the actress loves a good sweat session every morning as her toned body has proved it. Giorgia Andriani makes sure she does her cardio workout consistently without any breaks as it’s an amazing dopamine release for the actress.

2- Meditation and Yoga

After a good cardio workout, Giorgia Andriani does meditation and yoga for peace of mind. It helps keep her mind calm amid the stress and also keeps tensions at bay. Yoga and meditation can be miraculous if done without breaks.

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3- Healthy and clean Diet

The actress follows a strict vegetarian/vegan diet for all her meals. Following a diet is as important as working out and doing yoga. Actress Giorgia Andriani perpetually motivates her fans to work with devotion towards their goals by posting fitness videos on Instagram.

4- Spend time with loved ones

Giorgia Andriani suggests taking time to connect with ourselves. The actress takes time from her hectic schedule for her friends and family and tries to connect with them as she is away from them right now. This helps maintain a perfect balance between work life and personal life.

5- Proper Sleep Schedule

Firstly, Giorgia Andriani makes sure she sleeps for 7-8 hours every night as maintaining a perfect sleep cycle is also very important to keep oneself healthy, happy, and relaxed.

Giorgia Andriani has made her way into Bollywood with her hard work and dedication. The actress has proved that no feet are high and anything can be achieved if one works with consistent efforts towards their dreams, goals, and wishes.

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On the work front, Giorgia Andriani made her debut in the south with the series “Karoline Kamakshi”. The actress Giorgia Andriani was seen with Mika Singh in his music album recreating the evergreen song “Roop Tera Mastana” which got a huge response from the audience, she will be soon starring in the film “Welcome To Bajrangpur” alongside Shreyas Talpade. Giorgia Andriani has more exciting upcoming projects that she will be announced soon.

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