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Face Pilates: The new trend to smoothen your skin without surgery

Face Pilates is a new trend that helps defy ageing and smoothing out fine lines. The Technique focuses on four common concerns: Neck, cheeks, eyes and forehead.

The newest craze in town: Face Pilates, that enable you to smooth out fine lines on the forehead and tone sagging skin below your chin with any surgery. A teacher from London formed certain exercises that help one how to work deep into the core facial muscles and then working on the more superficial ones around the face which helps gives a more natural definition and a taut and toned appearance. 

Here are four of the key exercises that you can try every day:

1) Lower Facelift: Helps tone the neck, cheeks, and jowls.

Method: Stretch your neck upwards and then try to bring your chin up slightly by holding on to your collarbones and then slightly pulling it down. Then get you chin ahead while you slightly hold on to your top lip and lower teeth. Then try and touch the tip of the nose with your lower lip. Now try to lift the corner of your mouth and move it up and down as if your smiling for 8 counts. Try this position for eight counts and then relax. 

Perform three times.

2) Triangle Toner: Tones the ‘youth triangle’ of the cheeks and lower eyelids.

Method: Place your index fingers next to the outside lower area of the eyes as you lengthen your neck and now slightly pull to the sides up to your temple. Hold on to his position, squint and relax while you pulse the lower eyelid. Do this for 8 times as you make sure that the upper eyelid does not move. Then squint for eight counts and relax. 

Do this 3 times.

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3)Forehead Smoother: Softening wrinkle lines on the forehead.

Method: Keep both your index fingers just above your eyebrows and make sure to hold on to them firmly. Continue pulsing your forehead up and down, eight times while resisting with your index fingers. Continue doing it for eight counts and relax. 

Perform three times.

4) Core Lift: Tones the core, neck, and lips.

Method: In this exercise, Lengthen your next as you bring the tip of your tongue between the top lip and teeth while you press it against each other. Keep the pressure constant and continue circling the tip of the tongue right, down, left and up, four times. 

Perform three times.

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