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7 Effective Natural Remedies To Cure and Prevent Mouth Ulcers

Mouth ulcers are very common among everyone and there are certain home remedies one can use to cure and prevent this painful thing. There are a few kitchen ingredients that can do wonders and help prevent mouth ulcers from coming back.

Mouth ulcers can have causes that aren’t reflective of the underlying disease. Reasons include canker sores, burns, tongue biting or lips, or acidic foods like sour candy and pineapple. Constant rubbing of misaligned teeth against the cheeks can also be one of the reasons behind getting mouth ulcers. A very common cause of mouth ulcers is considered to be the heat in our body which can be caused due to a lack of water consumption.

There a few natural remedies that are effective for not only curing but also preventing mouth ulcers from occurring time and again. Certain kitchen ingredients can do wonder in getting rid of the mouth ulcers.

The 7 Natural Remedies Include:
  • Honey

Honey includes several beneficial properties. You may be unaware that this could also be an effective treatment for mouth ulcers. Apply honey to the ulcers, and let it remain. Honey has antimicrobial properties and can aid in repairing any open wound quickly. Aside from reducing the ulcer, the honey also protects the area from infections. Since the ulcers are inside the mouth, along with the saliva, you can accidentally ingest the applied honey. It’s important, though, that you keep applying honey after every few hours on the ulcer spots

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  • Ice

Applying ice cubes can be very effective in curing mouth ulcers. Chew on an ice cube and let the healing properties of ice do the trick. The ice can numb the pain in the mouth providing instant relief. One can also apply from outside to help avoid catching a cold.

  • Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple cider vinegar has anti-bacterial properties that will kill the germs which caused the ulcer in the first place. It will also speed up your recovery. Take a tablespoon of this and mix with half a cup of warm water. Take this solution inside and rinse with your mouth. Keep repeating for one, or two minutes. If it is over, thoroughly clean your mouth with clear water. You can keep doing this every morning and evening until the ulcer is healed.

  • Coconut Oil

Use the coconut milk to gargle when you have mouth ulcers. It is one of the best mouth ulcer remedies. When you repeat it for three or four times a day, you will probably experience a calming effect and also reduced pain from your ulcers

  • Garlic

Allisin compound in garlic makes it antimicrobial which helps with a variety of infections. Cut a clove in half to use and rub it for a minute or two on the ulcer spot. Rinse your mouth thoroughly after that has been done to remove the raw odor of garlic from your breath. This can be repeated twice or even three times a day.

  • Water

Dehydration can be one of the causes of mouth ulcers. The lack of water in the body and produce heat which can cause these ulcers. Drinking water in the morning and later after intervals can help the body stay hydrated and in return, it can cure the ulcers.

  • Turmeric Powder

There’s no doubt that turmeric has many medical properties. The essential kitchen ingredient contains antibacterial qualities that help reduce the inflammation caused because of the infection. Putting a pinch of turmeric in the area of ulcer can soothe the pain and help in healing.

These are certain home remedies that are effective in not only curing but also preventing mouth ulcers. However, it is recommended to get oneself checked by a doctor if the condition worsens.

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