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5 Safe Countries To Travel Amid Coronavirus Outbreak

Amid the coronavirus outbreak, you can still plan your vacation to some beautiful countries that are safe till date. Check out the list.

Coronavirus outbreak has led people to cancel their domestic and international visits. But did you know that you can still plan a vacation or honeymoon to some beautiful countries as coronavirus hasn’t reached those places? So, check out the list:

1- Sri Lanka:

The island country known for its beaches, flora, and fauna is a perfect getaway for a family vacation or honeymoon. The temperature in March and April ranges between 24 to 32-degree celsius. 

2- Mauritius:

Mauritius, known for its beach, lagoons, and reefs hasn’t recorded a single case of Coronavirus so far. You can freely enjoy rainforests, hiking trails and waterfalls to have a relaxing holiday. 

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3- Maldives:

It’s good news for all the couples who have planned their honeymoon to the Maldives as it is totally safe as of now. The turquoise blue ocean, the cool breeze, the exotic villas, and scenic views will make you forget all your worries. 

4- Bali:

So far, Indonesia has confirmed zero cases of Coronavirus outbreak. People who have planned a trip to Bali to escape the bustling crowd and enjoy good food should begin packing as there’s nothing to worry about. 

5- Turkey:

Forget all your worries and take your holiday to Turkey. The enchanting landscape and the beautiful architecture will keep you hooked and want you to stay for a little longer.  

Though these international destinations haven’t reported a positive case of coronavirus yet, you must take all necessary precautions in order to stay safe while in transit. 

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