5 benefits of coconut oil for glowing skin this Valentine’s Day

Valentine's Day is just around the corner and here we have some much-needed skincare tips with one-stop solution coconut oil to get a glow and healthy skin for your special occasions.

It is always a good idea to go the extra mile and dress up and look beautiful to celebrate this special day of love for your partner. If your skin is moisturized and healthy you don’t have to put extra efforts in makeup. You just need a little touch-up and keep up with your attire. Many of us think about how to get that glowing skin and no dryness felt. So here is the solution and you don’t even need to go to parlor for this.

The solution is Coconut oil which is not only famous worldwide as an edible oil and scalp tonic but also as an incredible skin moisturizer and massage oil. In tropical countries where coconuts are easily available and commonly used for skin use of coconut oil is believed that coconut is the organic and proven best moisturizer for dry skin, unhealthy skin and also best lip balm for dried lips. ⠀

Completely avoid any kind of chemical skin cream and go organic with coconut oil. Here we 5 best benefits of coconut of your skin below:


You can use the coconut oil to moisturize the skin on your hands. It is especially effective for softening the skin before applying makeup as a primer. Once you apply your makeup it will give you a glowy, dewy feel.

Soothes your skin

Coconut oil is a great skin conditioner and helps to get rid of dry, rough skin problems.  Simply take some coconut oil on your palms, rub your palms once or twice and then all over your face, hands, heels or wherever you want to see the skin hydration effect.

Lip balm

Dried lips can be a source of worry, pain, and humiliation in our lips Applying chemical gel to the lips will cause you to unintentionally absorb some of the gel, even if it is toxic. Some kinds of gels are edible but you still don’t want to consume them. In such situations, coconut oil falls in as a perfect substitute. It acts swiftly and even if it is ingested, it will only give you extra benefits.

Makeup remover

Use it is as micellar and replace your other chemical micellar water to remove makeup. Such chemicals can reach sensitive or delicate areas also its harsh on your skin.

Aid Skin Disorders

According to the USDA, coconut oil contains vitamin E which contributes to improving skin health. Coconut oil is good for several skin related problems such as psoriasis, acne, and eczema.

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Nevertheless, there is ongoing scientific research to prove or refute such claims.

Much of the analysis speaks of its protein content as it helps to replace diseased or dying cells that may occur with different skin disorders

A quick guideline to use coconut oil:

  • Search for jarred products with a wide opening when buying coconut oil. The coconut oil solidifies like cream in colder climates. All you have to do to liquify is direct gentle heat.
  • Bring some solid or liquid coconut oil onto your palm. Then rub your hands together and the target area onto the skin. You can also put coconut oil on a cotton pad, and rub it on your skin.

Many other uses consist of makeup brush cleaner, body scrub and an under eye cream.

So, isn’t this great solution to give the skin a natural glow? Do try this skincare routine for glowing skin for these valentines.

Coconut oil has several health benefits — but it has many other clever and useful applications as well. Make sure you have a portable pack of coconut oil handy. You never know when that may be needed.