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    4 Ways To Give Your Traditional Diyas A Modern Twist This Diwali

    Here are some creative ideas by which you can give your traditional diyas a modern touch.


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    Diwali is the festival of lights. It is the most awaited festival of the year when you can see all the markets decked up with lights, lanterns and all sorts of decoration stuff. While people still maintain the age-old tradition of lighting diyas, you can always add your modern twist to it.

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    Here are some creative ideas by which you can give your traditional diyas a modern touch.

    Bangle Diyas: Form a tower of bangles on a circular card sheet by sticking them one on top of the other with glue. Once the glue has dried, decorate each of the bangles with dots of different coloured sparkle paint. Place a tea light in the diya and light it up. Your bangle diya is ready!

    Shells Diyas: If you have securely kept the shells that you have collected from your favourite beach, it’s time to use them. Just keep in the tea light candles in each of them and voila, it’s ready to light up your house.

    Kitchen Tin Diyas: Use your empty kitchen tins to make some awesome diyas. Clean them and paint them with your favourite colour. Tie a thread so that you can hang it on your wall indoors or outdoors and place a tea light in it.

    Plastic Spoon Diyas: Although it’s not good to use plastics you can definitely use them to make some unique diyas. Colour the upper part of the spoons with your favourite colours and cut the rest of the part with scissors. Arrange them in a circular shape with the help of a cardboard circle and keep a tea light in the middle of it.

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