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Indian Singer GV Prakash Followed By Justin Bieber On Twitter

Indian singer GV Prakash who's latest international single "High And Dry" has got on trending charts on all music platforms across the globe, got followed by Canadian superstar Justin Bieber on Twitter.

Singer GV Prakash is one of the very few blessed Indian singers who has got followed by the Canadian superstar Justin Bieber on Twitter.

Talent needs no words as it speaks for itself, this fact rung true when Indian Singer GV Prakash got followed by Justin Bieber on Twitter.

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It’s true that when a real and true talent gets discovered by the world, then audiences, listeners, viewers and critics shower that person with unconditional love in the form of critical acclaims and praises along with always inspiring them to further hone their talent into something magnificent.

Indian singer, actor and music composer GV Prakash has been in the limelight and news circles for quite some time now.

It’s a very rare sight and occurrence nowadays of expecting globally renowned Hollywood singers to follow back good Indian singers and music composers. But now in 2020 it seems like finally few things are changing for the better.

The miracle happened when GV Prakash’s new music video single “High And Dry” got viral and trending all over the world which has surely gotten him the global exposure and the international fame along with recognition from the number one Canadian superstar and singer Justin Bieber who followed him back on Twitter.

Justin Bieber follows Indian singer GV Prakash on Twitter –

Justin Bieber is without a doubt one of the most popular and well known music artist in the world. He has a very huge and massive 112.5 million followers on his Twitter account. Also has an ever growing fan base of his “beliebers” on all the social media platforms including facebook, twitter and snapchat.

So after GV Prakash’s international song High and Dry got released, renowned singer Justin Bieber followed him back on Twitter. Prolific singer and Oscar award winner / musician AR Rehman and South films superstar Dhanush had used their official social media handles to launch GV Prakash’s latest track.

GV Prakash has become one of the first Tamil composers in Justin Bieber’s long and growing list of Twitter followers.

After the release of his latest international track “High And Dry”, this song is literally just getting viral and also is on the trending lists on music platforms all over the world.

The song was topping the charts globally and became an international chartbuster hit with the likes of Cardi B and Justin Bieber’s songs.

Indian singer and actor GV Prakash had shared this happy piece of news with his fans through his official Twitter handle.

In his tweet, GV Prakash had tweeted, “Super happy to be in the top playlists along with my favourite’s @justinbieber @iamcardib”.

Then Justin Bieber seems to have come across the High and Dry song by GV Prakash and hence followed him on Twitter. Here is a look at GV Prakash’s Twitter.

Source: GV Prakash Twitter. Indian Singer shares this exciting news on his official twitter account.

For his this international single, GV Prakash has collaborated with Julia Gartha. The lyrical video of GV Prakash’s song has more than 280 thousand views on YouTube. The song was released on 17th September 2020, and is still trending on various music platforms.

Here is the music video of the “High And Dry” Song by GV Prakash:

Source: GV Prakash Official YouTube Channel. GV Prakash’s international single “High And Dry” lyrical music video in collaboration with Julia Gartha.

This year of 2020 is going too good and best for GV Prakash who is also an actor as he is all set to make his Hollywood debut.

According to a leading news agency report, GV Prakash will be making his debut in Hollywood with the movie “Trap City”. The film will be directed by Ricky Burchell. This film’s story would primarily be about the life and journey of a drug peddler, who then later becomes a successful rapper. The film also stars Tamil actor Napolean in a key role in the movie.

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