Must Read! Why Does Rakhi Sawant Seek Publicity In The Name Of Others?

Controversial queen Rakhi Sawant came under trolls' target by making fun of Malaika Arora's walk.

Internet sensation Rakhi Sawant is known for her meaningless comments during her daily interactions with the media. It is necessary to say that she can reach any level to stay in the limelight. Recently, she was in the news for her relationship with her estranged husband, Adil Khan Durrani. 

After that drama, she sometimes seeks media attention on any issues or by copying others to stay in controversies. Yes, it is true that earlier also she said such gibberish things that once, like once during a conversation with the media, she had requested that Modi Ji help her remove ceiling fans from everyone’s house. She said, “Bharat Mata Ki Jay Bolna Jada Jaruri Nahi Hai, Ghar Ghar se Ceiling Fans Hatana Jada Jaruri Hai.” Kyunki Isise Ghar ki Bahu Betiya Aatmahatya Karti Hai. Modi Jinse Request Hai Ki Ghar Ghar Mese Ceiling Fan Hataya Jaye.” Really Rakhi! Ok, we can understand that she was emotional at that time after the demise of her friend Pratyusha Banerjee. As we all know, Balika Vadhu actress Pratyusha hangs herself at her Mumbai flat. 

 Rakhi has been shocked many times by her remarks. 
Ok, now all this is Adil and all her drama, she is caught in the cameras of paparazzi every day and surprises them with her statements. But it has to be accepted that her words make everyone laugh and a smile comes on our faces.

However, Rakhi Sawant used to overact sometimes. Like recently, she was spotted, and she did Malaika Arora’s famous walk, and she was clearly seen teasing Malaika. And it seems Malaika’s walk is now normal for her; may she go on like that. But showing off in front of the media or making fun of it is like hitting one’s own feet, isn’t it Rakhi? For this, the controversial queen was also trolling. But Rakhi again made fun of Malaika in the same walk as she did not have any other topic and then she was trolled badly by netizens. 

People reacting to Rakhi’s walk, one wrote, “Ab Malaika ke naam se publicity batoregi Aunty.”

Second wrote, “Rakhi tum limelight kay liye kuch bhi kar sekti ho mala ki personality aisi hai ki usay har koi follow karta hai or kash tum Mein Bhi Kuch aisa hota.”

Third person wrote, “Malika ki tarh personality bana bhi nhi sakte koie she is very hardworking ledy.”

One more wrote, “Koi naya topic nhi mila… kisi ko bhi ungli krde….fir media ke aage controversy…again repeat…”

Ok, let’s agree that Rakhi Sawant will have her own strategy to entertain people, but it should not be done if someone gets hurt.

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