‘Love Island’ is Adored By Christina Applegate, But She Has Issues With Both The Production Team And The Contestants.

Actress from Dead to Me, used X (formerly Twitter) to share her reasons for having a dispute with Love Island production and its contestants on Wednesday.

“I’m a big fan of Love Island and have followed every season,” Applegate revealed. “However, I do have an issue with both the production and contestants. Could they please refrain from creating strange noises with their water bottles?” Applegate is not a fan of “holding a straw in the mouth and chewing it instead of sipping” or “hearing the clicky clackety sounds of girls with long nails.”

In addition, she didn’t stop there. Following her “Love Island rant,” the actress from Married With Children took to Twitter to express her thoughts on the contestants’ “disgusting” use of white deodorant and gave straightforward advice on hygiene. “To add to my Love Island rant, using white deodorant on your armpits in hot weather is unsanitary,” she wrote. “You are all very attractive individuals, so please use clear deodorant! The white, pasty substance in the creases is not good. I’m just trying to help you be the best version of yourself. Haha.”

In the comments, most fans sided with Applegate, expressing their dislike for the unappealing look of white deodorant. “I can’t stand it when it clumps 🤢,” commented one user. “It brings to mind something too explicit to mention. I truly can’t bring myself to type it out.” Applegate bravely replied, “Well, I’ll say it for you. Yeast infection. That’s all I see now.” The Love Island contestants have not yet addressed Applegate’s grievances.

The TV personality doesn’t hesitate to express her thoughts openly. She recently discussed the emotional strain of her ongoing struggle with multiple sclerosis. Applegate revealed her MS diagnosis in August 2021 and shared on Wednesday her aspirations for the time ahead. “I have specific things I wish to accomplish in the time I have left. I aspire to collaborate with Shirley MacLaine,” she stated. “And have a drink with Cher! My ambitions are significant, to say the least.”

Love Island USA’s newest season, which is hosted by Adriana Madix from Vanderpump Rules, started airing on Peacock last month. Hopefully, Applegate will manage to ignore certain noises and scenes in order to appreciate the rest of the intense season.

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