Kakuda Movie Review: Folklore That Borders On ‘Bore-lore’

Kakuda is a horror-comedy film about a town trapped in time by a curse, where three residents confront a ghost that challenges their beliefs in superstition, tradition and love.

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Folklore That Borders On ‘Bore-lore’

Kakuda Movie Star Cast/ Actors: Riteish Deshmukh as Victor, Sonakshi Sinha as Indira, Saqib Saleem as Sunny, Aasif Khan as Kilvish, Sachin Vidrohi, Arun Dubey, Suraj Raj Madhwani, Hemant Singh, Ravi Ranjan

Kakuda Movie Director: Aditya Sarpotdar

Kakuda Movie Release Date: July 12, 2024

Kakuda Movie Available On: Zee5 OTT Platform

Kakuda Movie Released/ Available In Languages: Hindi

Kakuda Movie Run Time: 116 Minutes

Kakuda Movie Critic Review:

It has the same flavour as the recently released Munjya but director Aditya Sarpotdar moves to Uttar Pradesh this time to scare and to amuse.

Residents of Rathodi village who have two identical doors, rush home to leave the small one open every Tuesday evening at the stroke of 7.15 pm. If they don’t, the curse of Kakuda will befall a male member of the family. Kakuda will come grunting and banging. A hump will sprout on the male back and he’ll succumb in 13 days.

In another village close by, spirited, educated, no-nonsense Indu (Sonakshi Sinha) is in no mood to entertain another prospective groom her parents have invited. Her father (Rajendra Gupta) has one condition: his son-in-law must know English. In typical rural Bharat style, the prospective reads out an essay on a cow. He passes, dad is delighted. But Indu is stomping with rage. She’ll marry only boyfriend Sunny (Saqib Salim) from Rathodi. Aditya Sarpotdar’s trademark humour finds Indu presenting a well-schooled, well-intentioned but rather low IQ Sunny before her parents. Sunny can rattle off the essay on the cow. Only, dad has changed the topic this time. “Baap hoon main tero,” he tells Indu triumphantly. Indu is equally resolute.

You get the picture of rural folk with a sprinkle of humour and superstition. When Sunny wants to rush their wedding ceremony to reach home by 7.15pm, Indu remarks, “Bhaagke shaadi ki, bhaag bhaag ke nahi.”

Indu won’t stand for the blind belief of Rathodi but when newly-wedded Sunny can’t reach home on time and Kakuda’s curse befalls him, she must save him before the 13th day.

“Why didn’t tell me that you wouldn’t be here to open the door?” Sunny’s exasperated father (Yogendra Tiku) demands. “When I could open a dukaan for you, wouldn’t I open a darwaja for you?”

Science will prevail over superstition, argues Indu as she takes Sunny to a surgeon in the city.

“It’s Karwa Chauth and like Savitri you’ve fought Yamraj for me,” says Sunny at the hospital. Prematurely of course.

Giving Indu and the audience a few silly jumps, ghost hunter Victor Jacobs (Riteish Deshmukh) introduces himself to Indu. “Science doesn’t have all the answers,” he declares as he proceeds to talk to the dead and free troubled spirits in what’s probably written as a comic sequence set in a morgue. It doesn’t quite land. But Victor does land up in Rathodi to check out what’s troubling Kakuda.

Sarpotdar creates the right rural and eery atmospherics, with close-ups of a scarecrow in the field, a distant top shot of lights twinkling at 7.15 pm and people rushing to open their small doors.

Navigating through a circus to learn why Kakuda has cursed Rathodi, Victor with his gadgets and paintings and Indu with her reservoirs of courage, do save Sunny in time. With help from Indu’s mysterious sister Gomti (Sonakshi in a double role) who fascinates Victor.

But it’s a long route with much black humour: Sunny preparing for his last rites, lying on his own funeral bier to see if it’s the right fit, a garlanded portrait of himself in the background.

This time around, Aditya Sarpotdar takes too many liberties with time. Long sequences make it tiresome. For example, Sunny’s suicide attempt is so superfluous. Besides not being hilarious, you also wonder, if he was going to die in 13 days anyway, why commit suicide?

It is also old-fashioned 70s’ style making, the kind of cinema where an annoying best friend of the hero occupies the frame only for comic interjections.

Sarpotdar doffs his hat to Dabangg and a couple of horror comedies with Victor mouthing lines like “Bhooton se dar nahi lagta, insaanon se”. As always, Riteish Deshmukh – as the “Ghost hunter, not angreji tantrik” – is in his element when he’s comic, getting current-like shakes and shivers during the ghost hunt and reassuring Gomti at one scary point, “Darr ke aage Victor hai…I mean victory.” Sonakshi Sinha is best in the Jhansi Ki Rani mould and playing ballsy Indu is right up her street. Saqib Saleem tries hard but a more charismatic actor would’ve animated Sunny.

Kakuda Movie – Watch Or Not?: Watch it or not: It’s a watch-at-home release. So if you’ve left-over time for a silly horror comedy, take a look. A few smiles will come your way.

Kakuda Movie Review Score Rating:  2.5 out of 5 (i.e. 2.5/5)

Kakuda Movie Official Trailer:

Kakuda Movie Official Trailer (Credits: Zee5)

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Folklore That Borders On ‘Bore-lore’Kakuda Movie Review: Folklore That Borders On ‘Bore-lore’