Exclusive: Kavya Thapar On CAT Season 2, Randeep Hooda & South Films

Exclusive interview of actress Kavya Thapar as she talks about working with Randeep Hooda in Netflix series 'CAT".

Kavya Thapar has made her OTT debut with Netflix’s recently released series titled “CAT”. It features Randeep Hooda in the lead role. Kavya is seen playing the role of Kimi Aulakh in the popular action-thriller series. Here’s an except from our exclusive interview with Kavya.

1.What made you sign CAT which is a full on action-packed series?

For CAT, the script stood out for me because it has a very strong script. Storyline, character background and the impact of every character is what stood out for me. I think my character has just been introduced in first season. But in second season, you’ll see how my character changes. My character graph was really impressive when I read the script and it was another level in execution.

2. Your experience working with Randeep Hooda?

It was brilliant. I think, he is an inspiration to me because he is a very good actor. I have learned a lot from him and he is so supportive. He has even helped me during the scenes. He has always helped his co-stars do better. His involvement in making CAT better, I have no words for it.

3. One thing you came to know about Randeep Hooda while working with him?

People think when someone is an established actor, they do the scene according to them. But Randeep sir does a scene for the scene itself, and not to show himself best in that scene. He has always made his co-stas do better.

4. People are calling this series an “underrated gem”. Did you expect such overwhelming response?

Not at all. Actually, kind of yes, but also not because we had our fingers crossed and none of us had watched this entire series. We just played our respective part and knew only that much. Later, the entire team watched the whole season together and by the end of it, we were all in tears. We were all overwhelmed with emotions and pride.

5. People are discussing a lot about the show’s ending. What do you have to say?

I want to say “Thank You” for taking out the time to watch the series. And that they were entertained and engaged with our work. The best thing was people eagerly asking about season 2. It is a big thing if the audience demands season 2.

6. When is CAT season 2 coming?

Very very soon. You have no idea what is coming. I just want to tell the audience that this is just the beginning. You have no idea where we will take this show. I can’t tell when season 2 will come but I will be shooting soon. So, just wait for it.

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7. You have worked in South and Hindi industries. What are the differences between both industries?

Working styles are different. Main difference is the language barrier. I am a Bombay born and brought up girl. I have grown up watching Hindi movies. My first film was Telugu and for me, Telugu was like Chinese because I didn’t know the language at all. So, to be able to express and play a Telugu girl successfully was the major difference for me because it was very difficult to not know a language but emote it properly. But now I have eased into that.

Even the working styles are different because the audience in South is different from the audience of Hindi cinema.

8. Which is your next web series?

My next web series for OTT platform is going to be for Amazon Prime which is Raj & DK’s show. I am opposite Shahid Kapoor in that. So, I am waiting for that to come out.

9. This year south films did really well. Which one was your favourite?

I recently watched Kantara and Karthikeya 2 which stood out massively for me. Another one was Raj & DK film Cinema Bandi which was really nice.

10. Would you want to go to a reality show?

It depends, which reality show it is. I don’t think I am closed mind about it. Maybe, I’ll have a reality show of my own, guys! Who knows!

11. If you are offered to go as wild card entry in Bigg Boss, would you accept the offer?

I don’t know. I mean, I am a Bigg Boss fan, of course! But I don’t know if right now I would want to go to Bigg Boss. But if I get the chance, why not!

12. Any upcoming projects?

I do have three movies lined up. One Tamil and two Telugu, which I am very very excited for. I also have one Amazon web series.

13. Any message for your fans?

I love you guys and thank you so much for supporting me and always loving the work that I bring you all.

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