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AJ McLean Confessed Cocaine Usage Before Shooting Music Video

Iconic Band Backstreet Boys singer AJ Mclean recently confessed about being a victim of cocaine usage before shooting one of their music videos during a recent interview.

Drugs problem is something that is not only existing in Bollywood but also has its reach within the Hollywood music industry as well which is something that audiences are getting to know now as very rarely do singers come clean to open up about the same but here he has done the unthinkable, and being a part of such a globally prominent band Back Street Boys from almost past two and a half decades now his fans might be feeling very proud about the fact that their favorite singer AJ McLean confessed cocaine usage before shooting music video.

It takes a lot of courage and inner strength to come upfront in front of the audiences and fans for confessing something as huge as this and surely the Netizens, viewers and audiences are feeling very happy seeing his this gesture of telling the truth of his side where AJ McLean confessed cocaine usage before shooting a music video.

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He recently during an interview with a digital entertainment website decided to come up front and straight and told each and everything in detail clearly mentioning about how he was in a vicious cycle of hard drugs addiction and that it was his band mate Kevin Richardson who told him something very thought provoking after which he decided to get a proper professional help to get out of the drug addiction cycle on the road to recovery.

Back Street Boys (BSB) Hollywood music industry star A.J. Mclean tried the hard drug cocaine for the very first time before filming and shooting their ‘The Call’ music video.

The singer has been very vocal and open about being a victim of substance abuse issues in his past, and now yet again he has come on board during his interview with an international leading digital magazine where he spilled the beans about how he was introduced to the hard drug cocaine at the time when their band had just shot their new music video “The Call” promo.

In the same conversation he said, “It was the first time I ever tried it because it was a late-night shoot”. I was with a friend at the time, who’s clearly not a friend anymore, and they offered it to me. I said, ‘No’. Then I caved and I did it.”

A.J. clearly told about how he didn’t really have a good trip post that and spilled, “When I showed up on set and I got in the makeup chair, I told everybody. I was like, ‘I’m freaking out. I’m on this. I’m on that’. They were like, You need to stop. Don’t tell the world that you’re on drugs right now”.

Further he continued and said, “Somehow, someway, I kept it a secret from everyone for the next at least 18 months before the boys caught on, before my family caught on, before my real friends caught on. I found a way to really keep it under the rug”.

His vicious habit of drugs abuse leaded to him indulging in excessive and heavy alcohol drinking after which the boys came to know all about it which ultimately resulted in a one on one showdown between Kevin and A.J. where Kevin told A.J, “I will never trust you again. You’re dead to me”.

This was the moment which made him realize the seriousness of the entire situation he was trapped in and he decided to seek some good professional help for getting out of drug addiction, but even then he still couldn’t get out of it for almost two decades and finally something very normal that his daughter Lyric told him when he came back from the Las Vegas trip hit him hard which made him to quit it completely for good where his daughter said, “You don’t smell like my daddy” and A.J. also added this bit, “And when she said that to me, that was it. Enough said. I felt disgusting”.

Now A.J. is a participant in the TV dance reality show “Dancing With The Stars”. He also makes sure to attend the 12 daily step meetings online and also makes it an everyday habit to check up with his sponsor so that he doesn’t slip up.

On a parting note, A.J. concluded the interview by telling, “As hard as it is to say, I have zero regrets and am beyond lucky to still be here. I can genuinely say I love myself today”.

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