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Aditya Blatantly Dismisses Rumors Of Being Bankrupt

Singer Aditya Narayan has come straight and clean about the ongoing rumors in an interview where he blatantly dismisses being bankrupt.

From past few days we have seen the hottest ongoing gossip and grapevine rumours about the fact that a reputed and famous singer’s one interview clip had gone viral where he mentioned the fact of how he has almost gone penniless and bankrupt with a very meagre amount of money that is there in his account. But now he has come forward on record thereby putting an end to all these rumours never hiding anything which can be witnessed just from this fact that Aditya blatantly dismisses rumours of being bankrupt.

Setting his record clean and straight after seeing so many falsified fake stories being created and fabricated against his viral interview clip he has made up his mind thereby deciding to end the half-baked theories around him which is being seen by everyone as Aditya blatantly dismisses rumours of being bankrupt.

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This was a very major shocking disclosure when these reports of Aditya Narayan did this shocking revelation of being bankrupt, where that news media report also stated the fact of how he had been almost out of work all this time especially during the COVID 19 pandemic now having only a very less amount of Rs. 18,000 left in his bank account.

It just resulted in his relatives, friends and everyone else contacting him about the same in order to know the reality of the said claim where quite a few people even wondered about it which also ultimately resulted in him having a huge laugh about it where during his very latest interview with a leading digital entertainment website he clarified his side of the real story about the baseless rumours and said, “This particular interview was taken a month and a half ago. So, the reporter generally asked me how do I react with the decision about offices being re-opened and shooting being resumed amid pandemic and I gave an answer looking at the current scenario on how lockdown has affected livelihood and has made it difficult for all of us. I generally mentioned that I have bought a new apartment before the lockdown so being celebrity even, I have to think about EMIs and if pandemic extends for a longer period all of us have to suffer some way. I casually mentioned that mere 5 lakhs kat gaye hai EMI ke liye aur mere pas abhi 18K bache hai. But that doesn’t mean I have gone bankrupt and I have no money left me. After working for more then two decades and that too working continuously how can I go moneyless?”

Laughing out loud he also quipped, “I wonder what my in-laws must be thinking. But I guess I will receive more gifts on my wedding now. I have been receiving so many calls asking If I need any financial help which was very sweet of them. On a serious note to my fans and well-wishers, look back at the kind of work I have done in the past years and calculate if at all I will need any financial help. Please do not worry about me. By God’s grace, I won’t come to this kind of situation as I have a very simple lifestyle and I know when and how to spend money. I am not a person who would show-off assets like my house, cars and holidays. So, I can understand why people must be thinking because they haven’t seen the financially successful side of me or the luxury I am living in. But just because I am not showing that doesn’t mean I have none. I am genuinely touched the way people offered me help but I have enough and all I need is blessings”.

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