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4 Best Netflix Crime Documentaries That Are Must Watch

With this year coming to an end in a day from today, we watched loads of digital content while working from homes, so here is the much awaited list of top 4 Netflix documentaries that are must watch before this year ends.

The Year 2020 finally is coming to an end in two days from now, this year was really overwhelming and bizarre thanks to the global wide coronavirus pandemic which is still going on in world. We saw lots of digital movies and series, but for people who love a good crime thriller documentary, we bring the 4 best Netflix crime documentaries that are must watch.

For crime genre aficionados who love watching an intriguing and well written crime documentary series, this is an exciting news update for them as we bring forth the list of 4 best Netflix crime documentaries that are must watch.

In the past few months of the global wide pandemic, we consumed a lot of digital content of all sorts and genres, out of them all lets take a glance at the 4 best Netflix crime documentaries that are must watch.

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1. Fyre: The Greatest Party That Never Happened (2019, Netflix) – Like the name itself says, Fyre: The Greatest Party That Never Happened was supposed to be touted as a luxury musical beach festival experience having biggest models in their guest list and the setting is on a posh private island, which fails because of a cocky entrepreneur wherein even the guests who had paid the big bucks for an oasis island experience are angered to find rusty tents and urine soaked beds. The ire and backlash faced by the producer is savage he talks to guests behind the scenes of this bogus and fraudulent music festival.

2. The Man Who Would Be Polka King (Netflix, 2009) – Often audiences may feel that white collared crimes can never be the plot for an entertaining crime narrative documentary, but this one right here is an exceptionally well written classic crime documentary which is about the story of a self-crowned Polka king and Ponzi schemer by name of Jan Lewan. This eccentric and unconventional Polish American bandleader was loved a lot by the Pennsylvanian community where when he toured, he ended up selling his stakes in the Polka empire and boasted about his close friendship with Pope post which a local beauty pageant brought to light all secrets about his dirty dealings.

From the seats of a cozy local pub, documentarians Joshua Brown and John Mikulak extensively report and cover the entire story about the rise and fall of the enigmatic con man by interviewing his friends, victims, and fans who still laud and root over his deception and hubris. Highly recommended documentary which should be teamed up with the crime comedy it inspired, The Polka King (2017), in which Jack Black essays the role of Jan Lewan, the Polka King himself.

3. Long Shot (Netflix, 2017) – This another Emmy nominated documentary on Netflix titled Long Shot, tells a heart wrenching story about its main leading protagonist, Juan Catalan who is arrested by L.A.P.D. in May 2003 and brought into the Los Angeles police station for a crime that he didn’t really commit. Then he starts building his own case that would prove his innocence right from the scratch on basis of raw footage from a popular TV show, wherein he didn’t even know that he has been arrested because a 16 year old girl has been murdered in cold blood where he is the main suspect. This series is a must watch for fans who love good and amazingly conceptualized gritty and satirical crime thriller documentaries.

4. The Keepers (Netflix, 2017) – This critically acclaimed 7 episodic mini-series The Keepers unveils and uncovers an unholy cold case and dark secrets buried within it. The setting of the story is in 1970, wherein a nun named Catherine Cesnik was found to be murdered near a Baltimore dump site. Many decades later, all her students join their forces together in order to reunite and get justice for their compassionate and loving nun. In their search, they end up exposing the allegations of sexual abuse against a powerful local priest whom the students have full suspicion and doubt on that he might have been nun Cathy’s killer. While the docu series goes very deep into disturbing and gory themes of child abuse, director Ryan White doesn’t gawk. Instead, he gives the survivors room to tell their stories, and offers advocates/amateur detectives the space needed to lay out their case.

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