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Bigg Boss 14: “NO LOVE FACTOR”-Jaan Kumar Sanu On His Equation With Nikki Tamboli

“NO LOVE FACTOR” Between Jaan Kumar Sanu & Nikki Tamboli!

Jaan Kumar Sanu who recently got evicted from the show Bigg Boss 14 shares his experience in the house and equation with co-contestant Nikki Tamboli.

As it was evident the two were sharing a great bond in the house and also they were loved for their cute banter in the show.

While talking about his equation with Nikki Tamboli revealed how their bond in the start was and then how it changed over the time.

Nikki Tmboli and Jaan Kumar Sanu have been sharing good bond since day one in the house also Jaan who is now ex-contestant said he could jell up more with Tmboli is because there wasn’t much age gap between the two.

Jaan Kumar Sanu claims now he does not want to keep any connections with Nikki as she has betrayed him and is not trustworthy.

WATCH – What’s Brewing Between Jaan Kumar Sanu And Nikki Tamboli

However, he might not meet her outside Bigg Boss house but has only good wishes for her.

Well, he made it very clear that there is no love factor and it was the only friendship between the two

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