“In Season 3 Prerna Will Have…”: Rajshree Ojha Gives A Little Spoilers For Potluck Season 3

Someone or others will relate to these characters that are in their families. You can see life is reflected in the series Potluck.

Rajshree Ojha has given many beautiful and inspiring series. From directing movies like Aisha, X: Past Is Present, and the most trending show on OTT Potluck seasons 1 and 2. The Season 2 of Potluck is released just and few months back and is a trendy OTT show to date.

We got the privilege to interview the creator of Potluck and she gave us beautiful insights into filmmaking and the fun at the sets.

Firstly tell us what inspired you to take up filmmaking and do something in the Entertainment world.

I wanted to be a storyteller. I read many books and stories and narratives that inspired me. I thought films are good mediums to tell stories. I thought that it might be great to tell to people and I had a belief in myself, so that’s how I came up into the film industry.

From making Aisha to Potluck, what made you choose the OTT stream?

I produced some short movies and made Aisha, I produced a few serials as well and then I made a series. All of this is based on life experience. It doesn’t matter how and when things are made. The thing that matters is that a director has to commute the story to the audience whether it is through movies or web series. When stories are made you are given a limited time to tell and series gives you ample time to say your story and develop that one has to do a lot more, so as a producer or director, my main intention is to reach my story to people.

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We all know that there is not much space for a female director, especially in India, so did you face any setbacks in directing movies and web series?

I just recently saw an interview of Alia Bhatt thanking someone from the Gangubai team that women producers are making women-oriented movies. So I’m thankful to her that she has taken this platform and appreciated women directors. A director like me writes stories based on women or at least women-oriented; there are no gender biases that it’s male or female, it’s only difficult to make stories. The obstacle comes when a director makes a movie that surrounds women or a woman is a protagonist and someone says- Yeh toh women oriented hai, it’s not going to work. This is what disheartens me. But actors like Alia believe in woman-oriented movies. You have to believe in the character. If a woman can reach the audience then what’s the harm?

Why did you take Potluck, a family drama? Do you think we have a such character in our real life as well?

I love family dramas. The situations are funny and the characters are funny. We do have such characters in our family. Someone or others will relate to these characters that are in their families. You can see life is reflected in the series Potluck. I loved the cast of Potluck and that’s what made me make Potluck. They are trying to find themselves and trying to gel up and find each other in that. It’s very special to me.

Will there be a Season 3 for Potluck?

101% there will be a season 3. We are looking forward to shooting season 3. Everybody will be wondering what will happen in Prerna’s love story. Will she get freedom from doing so many things and being a workaholic? So each character will go through something or the other.

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Any words of wisdom for young generations to come who desire to do something in filmmaking?

Just this that believes in your story and yourself. It’s a tough road ahead, stay rock solid and fight for your story.

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