Saturday, September 19, 2020

    When Ranbir Kapoor Was FORCED To Appear On Koffee With Karan


    Chat show Koffee With Karan has made headlines over the years, sometimes for right but mostly for wrong reasons. Be it the Hardik Pandya’s controversy or the one with Kangana, the episodes have gone viral, discussed over social media for long. Currently, a few clips are going viral from the show, with people blaming the show for contributing to Sushant’s depression. And seems like what appears to be all fun and glamour on screen is not in actual life. Ranbir Kapoor once revealed how he was forced to appear on the show. He had said, “I’m tired of the show. I was forced this season. I told Karan, ‘I don’t want to come.’ Me and Anushka were actually going to protest and get the entire film industry together to stop this because it’s not fair. He’s making money out of us, we come and we get screwed through the year. It’s not right.” When asked what’s there in the famous hamper of Karan’s that he gifts to the guest who wins his rapid-fire round, Ranbir added, “Nothing, absolutely nothing you get. Same iPhone you’re getting.” Well, we wonder how many mysteries will unfold now when there’s a war going on within the industry.

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