Friday, September 25, 2020

    Vanessa Bryant Enjoys A Girls’ Night With La La Anthony & It’s All Giggles


    Amid all the rough phase, Vanessa’s friends are keeping a check on her. They are keeping Vanessa smiling through all the past couple of months. Recently, Vanessa Bryant reunited with her bestie La La Anthony and they both took part in a TikTok challenge ‘Don’t React’. As the music played in the background, the BFFs resisted the urge to break into dance moves. But alas it proved to be a quite difficult task. Both the ladies wore comfortable night suits as they chocked back their laughter while the music played and they fought the desire to dance. Vanessa and La La both posted the hilarious yet adorable video on their Instagram and TikTok respectively. Great news is that they managed to film the video without dancing although there were a lot of giggles. La La posted the video with a caption “This sh**t is harder than it looks.” On the other hand, Vanessa took to her Instagram to thank La La for making her laugh. Her caption read, “Thx for making me laugh I love you.”

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