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Upcoming Film ‘Romeo Ke Funday Laajawaab’ To Target Issue Of Unemployment

Upcoming Hindi film 'Romeo Ke Funday Laajawaab' to portray issues like unemployment and situational comedy around demonetization that happened in 2016.

Bollywood is currently busy making biopics and remakes. Amid all this, we are excited for an upcoming Hindi feature film titled ‘Romeo Ke Funday Laajawaab’. It is a situational comedy targetting many important issues in the country. Made under the banner of Bigshot Productions, this film throws light on the social issue of dowry and unemployment in a satire manner. 

This rom-com is set up in a small town of Uttar Pradesh and shows the life of a smart, educated but unemployed man ‘Romi’ who wants to get married to the love of his life ‘Julie’. To resonate with today’s youth, Romi is a simple character who is stuck in the vicious circle of unemployment, who wants to have his own little business and eventually gets trapped in illegal activity.  

Not just this, the film also connects well with the real-life scenarios like Demonetisation of Indian currency that took place in the year 2016. In a hilarious portrayal, the film shows how the sudden demonetization accidentally saved a bank robbery.  

Helmed by Amit Chandpuri, the film has a fresh star cast. The trailer of the film will be out soon and it will hit the screens in 2020. 

It will be interesting to watch this situational comedy dealing with several social issues in a light manner. 

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