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Zee Theatre Drops First Promo Of Yaar Julahay Featuring Mahira

Zee's Zee Theatre drops the first episode promo of Yaar Julahay, titled Guriya which features Mahira Khan that would premiere on 15th May 2021 on Tata Sky Theatre.

An exciting news update for all fans of the stunning and one of Pakistan’s finest nuanced film and TV stars across the globe is that Zee Theatre drops first promo of Yaar Julahay featuring Mahira.

The prominent Indian channel Zee’s Zee Theatre drops first promo of Yaar Julahay featuring Mahira.

For global fandom of Raees (2016) fame Mahira Khan its an amazing news indeed since Zee Theatre drops first promo of Yaar Julahay featuring Mahira.

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Recently, Zee Theatre announced Yaar Julahay, a series of dramatic readings spread across 12 engrossing episodes. Mahira Khan kicks off the series with Ahmad Nadeem Qasmi’s timeless tale ‘Guriya.’ 

Guriya highlights the story of two best friends Mehra and Bano. Bano has a doll (Guriya) that resembles Mehra but Mehra doesn’t like that doll at all. With time their fondness & hate for the doll grows many folds. Towards the end comes an unorthodox twist to the storyline that subtly unfolds the mystery around the doll.

Titled Yaar Julahay, this is going to be a dramatic series that spreads across 12 episodes. An interesting part about the name of the series is that it has been inspired by a Gulzar poem of the same name which pays homage and tribute to writers that craft their stories with the deftness of master weavers wherein the first episode which features Mahira Khan will be going on air digitally on Tata Sky Theatre at 2 pm and 8 pm. Mahira is going to be reading Ahmad Nadeem Qasmi’s classic story which has been titled ‘Guriya’.

Guriya is basically a story about two best friends named Mehra and Bano. Bano has a doll that has a striking resemblance with Mehra but Mehra does not like that doll at all. With the passage of time, we would see how their fondness and love-hate angle for the doll grow manifolds. Towards the end, however, the unconventional and out-of-the-box twist comes into the storyline which subtly unfolds and reveals the entire mystery surrounding the doll.

Watch Mahira Khan’s spine-chilling reading on Tatasky Theatre on May 15, 2021, at 2pm and 8 pm.

Source: Zee Theatre Instagram, The much awaited first episode promo of Guriya featuring Mahira Khan is out now.

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