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Zayn Ibad Khan: When I Auditioned, I Didn’t Know It Is IMMJ Sequel

Winning the hearts of his ever growing fandom on social media and of audiences with his brilliant performance as Angre in prolific TV producer Yash Patnaik's superhit show Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 on Colors TV, newbie and suave TV star Zayn Ibad Khan gets candid about the show and much more.

Currently winning hearts of fans with his brilliant acting chops and strong performance as Angre in ace producer Yash Patnaik’s hit serial Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 (Colors TV, 2020), dapper debutant TV star Zayn Ibad Khan says, when I auditioned, I didn’t know it is IMMJ sequel.

Spilling more beans about the show and his character being unique, in his recent interview, TV star Zayn Ibad Khan says, when I auditioned, I didn’t know it is IMMJ sequel.

In his exclusive recent conversational chat interview with us, hunk TV newbie star Zayn Ibad Khan says, when I auditioned, I didn’t know it is IMMJ sequel.

The newbie TV heartthrob who right with his debut show on the tinsel town has making a steady fan base of his own each day on social media platforms, whilst his recent interview with us, hunk and dapper TV star Zayn Ibad Khan says, when I auditioned, I didn’t know it is IMMJ sequel.

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When asked that what was the one thing which made him go ahead for IMMJ 2, Zayn said, “When everyone comes in Mumbai to start their acting career and starts exploring the directors and other things, you just want an opportunity. In the start, every newcomer actor in Mumbai only wants to get work no matter how much of a big or small role it is. As in this pandemic everyone had lost their work and were totally devastated by the same”.

Further, also opening up about Ishq Mein Marjawan being a huge hit and successful show, Zayn told, “Ishq Mein Marjawan season 1 was a huge hit and successful show so we all were totally excited. But when I auditioned for the show, I didn’t know it is the sequel to IMMJ. I liked the script and character of Angre so I said yes to this show. I didn’t exactly say yes as I had auditioned for the show, where they said yes to me”.

Speaking in more details about the show, Zayn said, “When the writer and director write the character and script of the show they have to be absolutely sure that this actor can do everything which we have written in the script. In the start, I went to the Beyond Dreams office wherein firstly I auditioned for Kabir. The again, second time I went to their office and auditioned for Aryan but both these characters didn’t really work out for me. After these both characters, the makers said let’s try Angre. Then finally I tried Angre and then they said that now we can cast you for this. I didn’t say yes, but they said yes to me”.

When quizzed about his reaction on receiving immense fan love on social media each day, Zayn says, “It’s really an overwhelming feeling. I didn’t know that this all will be coming so soon. I knew that it will be coming but didn’t expected it to be so soon. I don’t want to be just a guy who is a normal TV actor, because my dreams and goals are very big so I am really happy to be getting tons of messages, edits, comments and all from fans on social media. I can’t really explain in words about how I feel as just 4 to 5 months back I had only 4000 followers but actually followers don’t matter to me at all. For me, this havoc that this actor has these many followers on Instagram doesn’t really matter to me. The thing which matters to me is how you portray yourself and how people love you. The only motive should be of people liking you when you do a show or a movie. Everyone feels that even we want this kind of fame and exposure as this tinsel town industry has got a lot of money but no one really knows the real story of struggle behind it. Everyone feels that it’s very easy to get a role and that too a lead, but honestly it is not that easy”.

Further, delving more into it, Zayn said, “Important thing is that many shows have come and gone but no one really remembers the character names. But I am doing a strong character oriented role of Angre in a huge show like IMMJ 2, and people already know my character name. I am feeling really overwhelmed by seeing this amount of fan love in form of dms, edits, vms, comments, and all. I can’t really thank my god enough for this. Every day I read the tweets, comments, watch fans edits, instagram stories”.

When asked about how much his pairing with Chandni aka Ishani is being rooted and loved by fans who also ship them both as #Ishangre on social media and his honest reaction to it, Zayn said, “It’s really a nice feeling.  There’s already a superhit couple in our show with #Riansh which is Riddhima and Vansh, then our jodi #Ishangre comes second after them who is getting so much of fan love on social media each day. People are crazy for #Ishangre and #Ishangre content. I get tons of messages saying please make some #Ishangre content. Then we both started making that and also saw that our hashtag #Ishangre is going crazy on Instagram. It’s really a nice feeling to get such love from fans and as far as I’ve also seen other shows, our couple dynamics and pairing is really different from others”.

He also stated, “I have not watched many TV serials as such. I feel really special to see fan love on social media where our hashtag #Ishangre, #Ishangre content, #Angre goes viral. It feels really good and nice”.

When asked that out of all the cast members in the show, who is the closest to you and why, on this Zayn said, “Rrahul Sudhir is closest to me. He is like my elder brother. From day one we both have most of scenes together where we mostly even stay together in the makeup room as well. We both are fond of classical music, into singing and love music a lot. We both are a little good in singing too. If I have to make any decision in my life, or if I am stuck in some scenes and want to ask him, or if I am in some trouble, then I just ask him. I don’t really talk to anyone else except Rrahul bhai because he is totally like my elder brother and also treats me that way. He is really best. That guy is totally a gem of a person. Whenever you talk to him, you would always feel motivated. He is always very chilled out. Even if the condition is worse, you’ll always see him be happy and chill. Rrahul bhai is the person in love the most and who always supports me”.

When we also asked him that does Angre in any way relatable to Zayn in real life, Zayn asserted, “I wouldn’t say exactly but I had an issue of bad temper. In the show, we see how Angre is hot headed and short tempered, so in reality, 2 3 years back I had an issue of bad temper. I have also worked on it so I am controlling myself but my character Angre is totally like that since he is hot headed, he has a bad temper and also can’t see bad things happening in front of him and same case is with me in reality as well. Another thing is that in real life I as Zayn am loyal to any relationship be it with friends, work where even Angre is loyal to his work, boss and relationships in the show”.

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