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Zayn Gets Candid, Glad To Be Working With IMMJ 2 Cast

Winning the hearts of his ever growing fandom on social media and of audiences with his brilliant performance as Angre in prolific TV producer Yash Patnaik's superhit show Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 on Colors TV, newbie and suave TV star Zayn gets candid, glad to be working with IMMJ 2 cast.

Currently winning hearts of fans with his brilliant acting chops and strong performance as Angre in ace producer Yash Patnaik’s hit serial Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 (Colors TV, 2020), dapper debutant TV star Zayn gets candid, glad to be working with IMMJ 2 cast.

Spilling more beans about his experience of working with them from day one till now, in a recent exclusive interview with us, Zayn gets candid, glad to be working with IMMJ 2 cast.

In his exclusive recent conversational chat interview with us, hunk TV newbie star Zayn gets candid, glad to be working with IMMJ 2 cast.

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When asked about his experience of working with Rrahul, Vishal, Helly and entire cast of IMMJ 2, Zayn told, “It’s really been a wonderful time and I am so glad to be working with them. They all are seniors of this TV industry. Vishal bhai is a very senior guy for me. Helly is also a very senior girl where she is working in this industry from past 10 years. Rahul bhai is also very senior actor. I in the start was a total newcomer who didn’t know how thing worked around here, but after meeting and working with them I got to learn and know a lot and am still learning something new each day from them. Like Vishal Bhai is a very chilled out person and whenever you meet him he will always make you laugh. Helly is a really sweet girl who’s totally upfront and blunt as if she doesn’t like anything she says it on your face. Rrahul bhai is also very chilled out person. Ishani is also a newcomer and Daadi is everyone’s darling on sets”.

When we further asked about how was his experience of working with such an esteemed producer Yash Patnaik that too in his tinsel town debut itself, on this Zayn said, “They are gem of a person. I don’t know how to meet and greet such great and senior people in this industry.  I didn’t know how to meet them or even talking to them. In the starting, it was awkward for me wherein they had a show’s launch party in their house by following the social distancing before the lockdown. They are very chilled out and friendly in nature. they won’t treat you as an actor and themselves as producer which is why they are so chilled out persons where both Mamta Mam and Yash sir both are really cool. I am really blessed and glad to be getting my first show with them and also are so supportive”.

When asked about biggest learning and takeaway as an actor from the past year 2020, Zayn told, “I am learning lots of things every day. The biggest learning would be never sleep in your makeup room as then anyone can take your picture in their camera. Never sleep on the sets as well”.

Further when asked about his reaction on fans loving Vansh and Angre’s bromance in the show on social media and shipping them with #Vangre, Zayn said, “It’s a really nice feeling. In the start, there were only three hashtags, wherein one was #Riansh obviously, second was #Kava which is Kabir and Vansh, third one which went viral after #Kava was #Vangre. We always used to make fun of each other in a positive and healthy way. Whenever I and Vansh bhai had a scene together, we started making fun videos on snapchat in between the shots which often lead to romantic #Vangre moment which went viral on social media as #Vangre and it’s a nice feeling to get so much love from fans. It’s amazing to get so much love from fans in just a single show where everyone is also noticing you. Nowadays when in go to malls or somewhere for shopping, people come up to me and say that can we please take a picture with you if you don’t mind. Where I was like why are you asking me, please take. They are our fans who are really genuine and cute, that they like us who are only actors from a TV show but still they give us so much of love and constant support which is a very overwhelming feeling for me”.

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