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Zaan Khan: I Love My Fans But Not At Cost Of Their Physical Pain

In his recent interview off late, the dapper and suave TV star Zaan Khan says I love my fans but not at cost of their physical pain.

The dapper and suave TV star who has been winning hearts of fans and audiences as Randheer Raizada in Sony TV’s hit show Kyun Utthe Dil Chhod Aaye, in his recent interview Zaan Khan says I love my fans but not at cost of their physical pain.

Sharing his reasons for the same and much more, inn latest interview chat Zaan Khan says I love my fans but not at cost of their physical pain.

Opening up on his love for fans and why they shouldn’t hurt themselves for him physically, in his new interview conversation off late, TV heartthrob and dashing star Zaan Khan says I love my fans but not at cost of their physical pain.

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Actor Zaan Khan, who is better known as Randheer Raizada from the popular show Kyun Utthe Dil Chhod Aaye, is getting a lot of love from his fans and audience of the show. Zaan is playing the character of Randheer accurately with correct emotions and body language.

Zaan is getting loads of messages and video edits on his social media everyday and just a couple of days back a fan’s act was not taken nicely by Zaan. She made an impression of Zaan’s name in her wrist with a sharp object. And she also posted the picture in Zaan’s social media.

Speaking about it in details, its true that this incident made Zaan extremely sad and concerned. Shedding more light on it, Zaan says, “My fans are everything to me. I have been coming live almost everyday on social media and interact with them. I also repost the fan made posters and videos. Honestly their creation is too good. As an actor I cherish this”.

Furthermore, he also added, “But just couple  of days back what happened is extremely disappointing when a fan made an impression in her wrist and wrote my name with a sharp object. When I first saw I was shocked and numbed  I didn’t know how to react. But then I decided this should come in the front so I posted the picture and also requested my fans please don’t do this. I sincerely request my fans not to do this; do not harm yourself. I love my fans but not at the cost of their physical pain. Everyday their love and affection gives me extra power to play Randheer more convincingly”.

Recently Zaan’s look of a prisoner in the show has got loads of love from his fans. Zaan’s fans compare him with Shah Rukh Khan in Veer Zara. There are many new edits from the fans in which we could see Zaan and Shah Rukh’s images together. So first it was Ranbir Kapoor and now Shah Rukh Khan, Zaan has been compared with all the superstars. The result of the honest effort the young actor is putting  in the show.

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