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You’ll Be Shocked To Know The Earnings Of Rupali Ganguly Aka Anupama

Rupali Ganguly, who plays the lead role in Star Plus Show 'Anupama', is currently the highest-paid television actress. Check out Rupali Ganguli's salary per episode.

Rupali Ganguly aka our own Anupama has owned the television with her most loved character Anupama. The serial is among the highest-grossing and at the top on the TRP list, while the television series has also started its prequel series with the name ‘Anupama Namaste America’. With the highest-grossing series, the lead actress Rupali Ganguly has also become the highest-paid television actress now.

Keep scrolling to know Rupali Ganguli’s earnings:

Rupali Ganguli Salary per episode: According to media reports, the actress charges three lakh rupees for every episode. Earlier, Rupali used to get 1.5 lakh rupees for this show, but after the increasing popularity of the show, Rupali’s fees also increased and now she started taking 3 lakh rupees a day. Rupali has left behind many young and famous actresses in this race. Not only this, Rupali has also left behind the fees of Ram Kapoor, and Ronit Roy on TV. According to reports, recently Rupali has increased her fees.

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From Monisha Sarabhai in the sitcom Sarabhai vs Sarabhai to essaying the role of Anupamaa in the daily soap Anupamaa, actress Rupali Ganguly has done some really commendable work on TV. 

Actors Gaurav Khanna (Anuj Kapadia) and Sudhanshu Pandey (Vanraj Shah) are reportedly charging Rs 1.5 lakh per episode of Anupamaa.  Earlier, speaking about the success of the show and her character, Rupali told IANS, “The only quality of Anupamaa that I possess is the immense love for my family, my inner strength, my value system, and for the fact that I can give up my life for my family.  I am constantly doing emotional scenes but thank god for small mercy because I am a little bit adapted to my craft. Look at powerful content and the way it is being shot in high-definition. Television has not only managed to introduce every generation with the ethos of Indian culture but also reflected the aspirations of young Indians.”

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