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Yamini Talks About Her Much Needed Lonavala Vacay

Best known for her acting as Shivani Chavan in Star Plus's hit show Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin, Yamini Malhotra talks about her much needed Lonavala vacay trip with her mom.

Currently seen in Star Plus’s hit serial Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin as the sassy but strong Shivani Chavan, in a new interview, Yamini talks about her much needed Lonavala vacay.

As soon as the lockdown restrictions in Maharashtra got a bit eased, she took off for a short 2 days vacay with her mom and speaking about this in new interview chat, Yamini talks about her much needed Lonavala vacay.

Explaining how going for this short and quick vacation was a welcome break for her, Yamini talks about her much needed Lonavala vacay.

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When the lockdown restrictions eased, Yamini Malhotra packed her bags for a quick vacation. The Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin actor, along with her mommy dearest, went to Lonavala and Pawna Lake for two days and speaking about it, she said, “I’m having good fun. Firstly, my mom has come to visit me in Mumbai. This is the first time that she has travelled in one and a half years. Ever since COVID began, last year she had not stepped out of home. Secondly, we could travel together, even if it was for a short period. More than me, I wanted her to enjoy and breathe fresh air, which is why we went for this road trip to Lonavala and Pawna Lake. The weather was amazing and the scenic beauty was to die for. Wherever we turned our heads, it was lush green and beautiful. It is a must go to the Ghats during the monsoon”.

Yamini says short breaks are important for an actor and on same she revealed, “They are such a breather and help you relax as well. Mumbai life is tough, traffic, crowded places, etc, and shooting schedules are also very hectic. Short breaks rejuvenate your entire system”, says the actor, adding that since the pandemic restricted travel, so taking one after so many months was bliss but felt very different too.

She also shares, “It’s not the same anymore. That terror of Covid remains in your subconscious. We preferred not to go to any crowded places or restaurants. Since we were on a road trip, we tried to find secluded places where there was not many people and had only scenic beauty”.

Furthermore being an avid and passionate traveller, Yamini loves everything about exploring and experiencing something new and opening up on this, she shares, “I love road trips. So many unexpected can happen on such trips, it is no less an adventure. It also feels good to see new places and new people. In India every 50 kms, the terrain, the culture, the language, the dressing style, change. So it’s fun to soak in all the different shades of our country”. Yamini’s favourite travelling destinations are are Goa and Uttarakhand in India. Her favourite international destination is Dubai.

About the travel essentials in her bag, more so now amid the pandemic, she shares, “Now sanitizers and masks are must carry. But, to tell you the truth, there are no travel essentials for me. I actually want to pack everything (laughs). My friends laugh when they see me carrying one big suitcase packed for a two-day trip. I want matching footwear and handbags with all my clothes, and then my own pillow, sheet, towel, toiletries, my Bluetooth speaker, tripod, and diet coke cans”.

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