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Yamini: Govt. Was Right In Providing Vaccines To Health Workers First

Currently seen in Star Plus hit show Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin, TV actress Yamini Malhotra says government’s decision was right in providing vaccines to health workers first.

Currently seen in Star Plus’s hit serial Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin, in a new interview, TV actress Yamini says govt. was right in providing vaccines to health workers first.

In her latest conversational interview opening up on why government’s decision was correct and more, Yamini says govt. was right in providing vaccines to health workers first.

The vaccination drive for COVID-19 is on with much vigour. The government recently announced free vaccination for all above the age of 18. However, the struggle right now is vaccine shortage. Many are of the opinion that vaccination should have been open to all and free from the very beginning and giving her take on same in her recent candid chat, Yamini says govt. was right in providing vaccines to health workers first.

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Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin actor Yamini Malhotra is one of those who believe that the government has done things right and their phase wise division of COVID-19 vaccination drive was helpful and speaking up on it, she said, “The Government’s decision was right in providing vaccines to health workers first and then senior citizens. They were at the highest risk. We were expecting that the youth has more immunity than the seniors. But this second wave was extremely deadly and didn’t spare the youth too which is very unfortunate and unexpected”,  says the actor, who has also done a few Punjabi films.

Revealing about being in Delhi when vaccination was opened to everyone above 18 years of age, Yamini shares, “Initially it was very tough to find a vaccine slot. I tried on different timings but they were always booked. Then one day my luck worked at two in the night and I found a paid slot at a private hospital 10 minutes away from my home. And, that’s where I got my first jab. It was a very convenient procedure. For the First 2 days I got a fever and body ache but then I was all fine. My second dose is expected in September”.

Health is one thing which has taken centre stage in our lives. This pandemic has made everyone understand the values of good mental and physical health and on this she asserts, “I have felt a sense of detachment from all the luxuries of life. I no longer care about new cars, branded clothes, and accessories. All I cared about this whole year was that me, my family, and my close ones stayed alive and healthy”.

Everyone is trying their best to cope up, keeping themselves busy but it sometimes does hit us how this pandemic has affected the economy leading to many losing their work and talking about it, she says, “It’s been a bad phase for everyone. So many of my friends have been jobless for over a year now and few have shut down their businesses after facing losses. I am thankful to God that I started shooting for Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin September onwards when unlocking has started. But I want to request each one to not stop the salaries of your house helps, cooks and guards. COVID has the worst impacted the poor and the daily wagers the most. These people don’t have sufficient savings for their basic survival. A few thousands wouldn’t affect us much but to them, it can pay their rent and buy ration. Now is the time to fill the world with kindness and humanity. So I request all the privileged to help the underprivileged in whatever way possible”.

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