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In Weekend Ka Vaar Shalin And Tina Get A Dose Of Their Own Game: Bigg Boss 16

All cards are out in the open: Bigg Boss 16

Shalin Bhanot and Tina Dutta the on-and-off couple of Bigg Boss 16. Things have got off the table and are now archenemies. In previous episodes as the two had great fights and both gave each other character assassination on national television; Salman Khan addressed it in the Weekend Ka Vaar.

Shanivaar Ka Vaar

As the Shanivaar Ka Vaar began, Bigg Boss asked all the contestants that they have to name someone from the house who spread fake rumors about others. Archana speaks about Tina and how she spread the word that Soundarya and Gautam had fake love and are faking the relationship. Priyanka takes Shalin’s name who also said the same about Soundarya. Sumbul takes Tina’s name because she spread the rumor that she and Shalin have something between them. Nimrit also said the same.

Shalin on the other hand said that Tina told him to make good amends with MC Stan as he is famous and Tina keeps denying anything that is said.

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Salman shows Tina the mirror of her own deed

Shanivaar Ka Weekend Salman addressed the fact that Tina confronted Priyanka that what all Shalin asked her and that is a shocker for her. He said that you people have been in the house for almost 15 weeks, had planned how to play together and now things are over between you two things are now coming out of the box.

Tina starts crying like hell saying that she’s has had a lot of blame and tried explanations and wants to leave the show. A lot happened over the weekend.

Apart from this, the ex-Bigg boss contestants Sajid Khan and Abdu came to the show as guests and a fun segment together.

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In tonight’s episode, Ekta Kapoor came to the house and talked about her upcoming show, and from Bigg Boss, she is about to take her cast. Shalin, Priyanka, Nimrit, Shiv, and Archana all give auditions. Archana and Priyanka do the iconic ‘Walk Karti Hu’ segment where Archana does too much as all can see. So let’s see who gets selected for Ekta’s upcoming show.

Salman has offered Priyanka to be a part of movies and would be happy to do so. Also, a rumor is going on that Soundarya is evicted from the house. She is evicted from common votes, not people’s votes. Nothing is confirmed it’s just a rumor till it is telecasted on the show.

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