Vivian Dsena: Television Connects To Its Audience On A Daily Basis

The heartthrob and hunk versatile TV superstar who has been ruling on hearts of audiences and fans, in recent interview Vivian Dsena says television connects to its audience on a daily basis.

In his latest interview off late, the hunk and stellar TV superstar Vivian Dsena says television connects to its audience on a daily basis.

From playing a vampire in Pyaar Kii Yeh Ek Kahani to a superstar in Madhubala Ek Ishq Ek Junoon, Vivian Dsena has portrayed both hero and anti-hero characters beautifully with perfection and finesse on screen and in his latest conversational interview, Vivian Dsena says television connects to its audience on a daily basis.

Actor Vivian Dsena is a household name in India and many parts of international showbiz too. His choice of shows have created a route for him that takes him directly to his fans heart and even though he is not that much active on social media, in his new interview, Vivian Dsena says television connects to its audience on a daily basis.

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Vivian Dsena says the pandemic has been a great educator. These tough times have made us compassionate and health conscious. It has also helped in understanding the importance of staying close to your loved ones and on this he shared, “I think one of the essential lessons from these times is getting an understanding of our true friends and well-wishers. Social distancing is not just applicable to save ourselves from the virus but we should also do the same with people, who do not mean good to us”, he says the actor who is in talks for a comeback soon. His last show was Shakti Astitva Ke Ehsaas Ki.

On the changes that he has seen in the industry over the years, he continues, “TV is growing in different directions. It’s not about saas-bahu anymore. They are experimenting with new genres, stories and also exploring different concepts and presentations. OTT can’t be compared with TV because it comes in seasons, while TV is for daily viewing, hence these daily soaps. The audience is completely different, so is the reach. Yes a lot of people have smartphones these days, but more people have TV that came much before mobile phones. Television connects to its audience on a daily basis, for some the medium is a part of their daily regime. People who like to watch daily soaps schedule their day accordingly and with new concepts being explored, they are enjoying watching TV all the more”.

Like any other child, the actor too has grown up watching TV and speaking about it, he added, “I watched a lot of cartoons. I have grown up watching Aladdin, Tom and Jerry, Dexter’s Laboratory. I also enjoyed watching Alif Laila”, adds Vivian, who never imagined that one day he would be an actor himself.

Unlike what many might say, he believes people still enjoy watching TV. The actor also shares how wonderful it feels to be working on a medium that takes you closer to the masses and he concluded by sharing, “People belonging to different strata of the society watch TV, so when they see you daily, they form a special bond with the actors and the shows. Being recognised and loved by people from all walks of life is a different feeling altogether. Whenever I step out rickshaw puller, people working on the work or asking for help on the streets, those working in medical and general stores recognise me much like those stepping out of big cars or running to catch a bus or hire a taxi for office. This connection with all kinds of people makes working on TV worthwhile. I think that’s the real reward. It’s gratifying to have touched so many hearts by entertaining them with my work”.

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