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After Bipasha Basu, Vishal Singh Calls Out Tejasswi Prakash; Says ‘Not A Winner Quality For Sure’

In the recent episode, Tejasswi was seen addressing Shamita Shetty as ‘Aunty’, which stirred controversy on the internet again.

Bigg Boss 15 is at its final days for this season, with hardly a few days left for the finale and the inmates of the house are doing everything in the book to make their place in the top 5. In the same light, “Bigg Boss” has arranged for a task, where for the first time in the history of the game, audiences of the show entered the house to give live votes to the players depending on the task that was allotted to them.

Players were given a task named ‘BB Hotel’, where Shamita and Tejasswi had to impress other contestants by providing them services that they ask. It was then when Karan asked Shamita to give him a back massage, Shamita for the sake of the task readily accepted the request and sat on Karan’s back. While Tejasswi couldn’t handle this, she angrily pulled Shamitas’s leg, making her almost fall if it wasn’t for Pratik, who held her from falling down. Not just this, later Tejasswi was also seen calling Shamita ‘Aunty’, something even Rakhi Sawant it Pratik didn’t approve of.

Bipasha Basu, who’s an avid “Bigg Boss” fan, was seen taking this to her Twitter handle and expressed her disagreement about the whole situation.

She tweeted, “Age shaming disgustingly, then saying sorry..beyond pathetic! If this is a winner for anyone or a role model it’s truly sad.If you are insecure attack your man who makes you feel insecure instead of pulling other women down #biggboss15 #shameful”

Not just her, many viewers of the show also expressed their opinions about the recent episode and slammed Tejasswi for being extremely insecure.

“While #ShamitaShetty was performing, BHEJA again showed her vile and insecure side saying “iske haath kaise upar uth rhe hain” responded a user.

“Why? Because Shams was nailing the performance and she couldn’t digest” said an user.

Vishal Singh, known for his character Jigar Modi in “Saath Nibhana Saathiya”, called out Tejasswi and even expressed how she doesn’t deserve the title. “I guess Tejasswai has forgotten that there is a life beyond Big Boss’s house. I am so surprised with how she behaving and I’m so disappointed in her for doing what she has done with Shamita, Not a winner quality for sure”.

Looks like Tejasswi has yet again managed to discontent the viewers of the show by her comments, the actress was previously also warned by the host Salman Khan to not make mean comments, towards the contestants or to the makers of the show. As per the trailer of today’s episode, there’s another mid-week elimination and it is suspected that Rakhi Sawant has been evicted for the show, just 2 days before the finale.

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