Thursday, September 24, 2020

    Vishal Dadlani reacts on man forcibly kissing Neha Kakkar on the stage

    Vishal Dadlani has now opened up about the man who kissed Neha Kakkar on the stage.


    A few days back we reported that a contestant forcibly kissed Neha Kakkar on the stage of Indian Idol. While the man received a lot of trolling on the social media, Vishal Dadlani has now reacted on the same.

    A fan wrote “@VishalDadlani sir uss launde ko chamet maarni chahiye thi (Sir you should have slapped the guy).. how dare he do such a thing.. I hope he was not let off easily.” Vishal replied, “I suggested that the Police be called, but Neha decided to let the guy off the hook. He definitely needs psychiatric help, and we will try to help him get that, if we can. #IndianIdol11.”

    While 80% people had positive support, 20% people said that it’s a publicity stunt. In a promo clip, a man dressed in Rajasthani costume appears for an audition and calls Neha on stage with him. He asks her if she recognises him but Neha did not. She then reached out to give him a hug but the man forcibly planted a kiss on her cheek. Host Aditya Narayan was also on stage with the two and pushed the man away after initial shock.

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