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Vikaas Manaktala’s Wife Guunjan Gets Trolled For Calling Shiv Thakare A ‘Thief’

Vikkas Manaktala's wife trolled for calling Shiv Thakare a thief.

Bigg Boss 16 past week where Vikkas Manaktala, a popular actor in the television industry was evicted from Bigg Boss house, and after that, his wife Gunjan accused Shiv Thakare of stealing her husband’s clothes. This controversy has turned out to go bad as Shiv’s team and fans have started trolling her. 

After Shiv’s team threatened to take legal action, Guunjan eventually retracted and deleted the tweet. But the explanation hasn’t satisfied fans, who have criticized him for not apologizing properly. Guunjan had previously accused Shiv of stealing Vikka’s clothes, specifically a patterned blue suit that Vikkas wore on the show. 

Sharing a photo of the suit on Twitter on Monday, Guunjan wrote: 

“Hi for those who said this suit is not from Vikkas, I have just received it from the team. I’ve been following that along with other things. which has been in the same pack since week 1. We couldn’t track it until I saw another participant using it. It irritated me. Once the team tracked him down, he was asked to return it immediately, and you can see for yourself in the episode that he immediately changed the outfit. I don’t know if it’s a bug or a prank. But as someone who has been following it for a long time, it bothered me & I have responded.

In the Twitter thread, Guunjan said he was deleting the original tweet accusing Shiv of theft. 

“However, I don’t think the tweet is relevant until there is more clarity about it. I never wanted to put anyone down. “I understand it hurts a lot of people and that’s why I’m removing the tweet,” she wrote. 

However, many felt it was a lack of apology as Gunjan did not name Shiv or apologize.

“Well, she didn’t apologize because Shiv isn’t mentioned anywhere in this ‘apology’ while her tweet was all about Shiv,” wrote one. 

Another tweeted: “Ek sorry bhi nahi bola jaata (can’t even apologize)”

Many criticized Guunjan for rushing off and accusing Shiv of theft when in reality the blame probably fell on the Bigg Boss team. “Very immature when she makes a derogatory accusation based on a small suspicion she wasn’t sure about. Looks like Shiv is dying to attack,” read a comment.

On Tuesday, Shiv’s team threatened legal action against Vikkas and Guunjan over the allegations. Vikkas is banned from the show this weekend.

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