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Vijayendra Kumeria Is Thankful For All The Positive Feedback For Aapki Nazron Ne Samjha

Vijayendra Kumeria let go off his cushy aviation career to fulfil his acting dream. From Chotti Bahu, Tumhari Paakhi, Udaan, Naagin 4 to Aapki Nazron Ne Samjha, the actor feels blessed that his journey so far has been good.

“I’ve worked really hard and even now I’ve the same passion of a newcomer. Thankfully my luck favoured. I’ve been getting great opportunities and hope the same shall continue in future too. As an actor I’m always ready to experiment, I never get satisfied when it comes to my performance, even when working on the look of my character or anything I do. I always want to improve myself. My zeal to better myself every single time is my driving force. I’m competing with myself every day,” he says.

The actor’s fans and colleagues find his personality has certain magnetism about it. Some call him an introvert too.

“To be honest I feel good when people give me good compliments, I humbly accept them. Deep down I know I can do better so I don’t let the compliments go to my head… I’m not introvert, I choose my friends, choose how much I want to keep things private in real life and even in social media space and prefer not to follow the crowd. I’m a little particular about how I conduct myself,” he adds.

Professionally, Vijayendra is happiest when his scenes come out well. “When I’ve lived that feeling of the scene between action and cut, I feel fulfilled. I’m glad that I wake up in the morning and look forward to do what I live for. I’m following my passion and happy to get paid for it. Personally, small gestures and genuine love from friends and family make me happy. I’ve worked on my temperament, so I’m a calm person mostly. But I still have an angry streak which can come out on extremely wrong things,” says the actor.

Amid the reeling pandemic, staying positive is a must but definitely a challenge. Vijayendra shares, “I’m busy working and keep myself occupied. I maintain a positive attitude within and a good atmosphere on the set. I don’t watch news more than 30 minutes a day. I am a positive person naturally, so it’s not very difficult for me to keep calm or be positive in most of the situations.”

Meanwhile, the actor, who has a production house, is now planning to launch an OTT channel for youth. He will soon make an announcement regarding the same.

“I want to be a part of the A-list league of actors, want to direct and produce good content. The list of ambitions is never ending,” says the actor, whose performance as visually impaired Darsh in ANNS is winning hearts. He confesses it being one of the most difficult characters in his career till now.

“To perform a character whose problems, way of thinking, emotions, are unknown to you is quite tough. I’ve never done so much research for any character as I’ve done for Darsh. I’m thankful for all the positive feedback we’ve been receiving… I feel grateful towards all my fans for giving so much love and respect. Their support has made me who I am today. I wish them good health always,” he concludes.

To behave you can’t see anything around you when you actually can is not easy, imagine how it is for those who have lost their eyesight.

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