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Vijayendra Kumeria Says Audience Like Seeing Weding Sequences; As They’re Trying To Spread Smiles

Amid these grim times, TV industry is trying their best to cheer up their audiences. Sonali and Amir Jaffar’s production Aapki Nazron Ne Samjha is therefore planning a special treat in the form of the wedding sequence. Actor Vijayendra Kumeria, who plays the leading role of Darsh Rawal in the show, is excited shooting the happy scene that will see them dressed in their best, people having fun, dance, music and not to forget the high dose of drama that will be amplified by the twist in the tale.

In love with his ‘dulha look’ Kumeria adds, “Audiences like wedding sequences. And in times like this if we can make them smile by showing something happy and vibrant, then why not? For us, it’s fun to shoot them too.”

He shares that even the cast and crew are enjoying shooting the sequence as it’s a happy experience for them in such times as well. More so, when such celebrations in reality in this new normal seems to be a distant dream.

“There are celebrations, dance, joy and some big drama in the sequence so overall it is a complete package of entertainment both for the audience and also for us. These sequences are fun and tiring to shoot at the same time. But no one is complaining,” he continues, “In fact shooting such sequences always brings back memories of my own wedding. Though there is no comparison regarding the fun and emotion in real and reel life.”

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