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Adorable Co-stars Of Aapki Nazron Are Mahi Soni And Vijayendra Kumeria

The ace producer duo Amir and Sonali Jaffar's popular TV serial Star Plus's Aapki Nazron Ne Samjha sets has two amazing on screen co-stars in form of Mahi Soni and Vijayendra Kumeria.

Coming in straight from the popular and hit indian TV serial’s sets, the most adorable co-stars of Aapki Nazron are Mahi Soni and Vijayendra Kumeria.

Television actor Vijayendra Kumeria who plays the lead Darsh Rawal in the popular show Aapki Nazron Ne Samjha on Star Plus produced by Amir and Sonali Jaffar under their banner Full House Media Pvt Ltd has won audiences and fans hearts with his remarkable performance as Darsh in the hit soap opera and an interesting bit of on sets fun is that the most adorable co-stars of Aapki Nazron are Mahi Soni and Vijayendra Kumeria.

This immensely popular Indian soap opera by Full House Media has been winning hearts of fans and audiences ever since its inception a few months back in March 2021 and another interesting bit of news here is that adorable co-stars of Aapki Nazron are Mahi Soni and Vijayendra Kumeria.

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Speaking about his cute costar Vijayendra says, “It’s a great experience. The scenes are coming out really well. I would say she is born with acting talent. I must say it’s fun to work with the kids, they bring some great energy on the set and in the scenes as well”.

He also adds, “We have cute scenes together and the give and take is great, we are getting some great positive feedback”.

When asked about how much patient is he with child actors, then opening up on this in details, Vijayendra responded, “Yes patience is important and with kids, you have to behave according to their mood but luckily Mahi is not a  moody kid. She is always active and energised as an actor. Since I am a father too in my real life, I understand their moods  better”.

The story begins with Darsh Rawal (Vijayendra Kumeria) receiving an award for his fabulous photographic skills at an event in Paris. Although deprived of his sense of sight, Darsh is bestowed with amazing photography skills. He can sense and visualize complete world through his mind, and never lets his disability demotivate him.  Over the past decade, Vijayendra has appeared in shows like Tumhari Paakhi, Shastri Sisters, Udaan, Naagin 4.

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