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Vijayendra Kumeria: I Don’t Care Much About Fashion Trends

Known for his shows such as Naagin 5 and Udaan and currently being loved for his performance in Sonali and Amir Jaffar’s hit show Aapki Nazron Ne Samjha, actor Vijayendra Kumeria is quite a fashion icon when it comes to style. The actor says that for him, comfort has always been paramount.

“Fashion means looking good and comfortable for me. Personally, I don’t care much about fashion trends. I wear what I like. As an actor, we have professionals to take care of our characters’ styling, so I am quite sorted that way. My go-to clothes are sweatshirts and joggers.”

However, when it comes to characters, Vijayendra prefers ones with a contrasting style sense. “I like to do characters who are different from the real me. The same is true for their fashion sense too!” he says, adding, “Taking pressure is not my thing so I don’t bother what people would think while seeing me in a different fashion avatar. I wear what I like and am comfortable in.”

In fact, he feels that someone people think too much about fashion and what they wear.

“A lot of people go overboard following trends and sometimes they go wrong too. Some of them spend a lot just to waste and throw away things that are not in fashion anymore. For me, my clothes should suit my personality and fit my body! Like I hate gold chains on men, will never go for that. It’s all a matter of choices. What you wear reflect your choices.”

Ask him what will be in trend this year, and he laughs, “Designer masks maybe!”.

Vijayendra Kumeria is being the role of a blind photographer and is getting lot of appreciation for his acting.

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