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Vijayendra Kumeria: Govt. Is Trying But Still Cases Are Rising

In a recent conversational interview chat, the exemplary and ace TV star Vijayendra Kumeria says government is trying but still cases are rising.

In his recent interview off late, the dapper TV star winning hearts of fans and audiences as Darsh Rawal in ace producer Amir and Sonali Jaffar’s hit serial Aapki Nazron Ne Samjha produced under their banner Full House Media Pvt Ltd airing on Star PlusVijayendra Kumeria says govt. is trying but still cases are rising.

Opening up more about the same in his latest interview, Vijayendra Kumeria says govt. is trying but still cases are rising.

In his recent interview stressing on importance of following government rules during this second wave of pandemic, Vijayendra Kumeria says govt. is trying but still cases are rising.

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Vijayendra Kumeria believes that the show must go on. 
With the virus claiming more lives and many more getting infected daily, Maharashtra is going through very difficult times. The entertainment industry among others have been badly hit, many shoots, especially that of television shifted outside Mumbai because of deadly second wave of ongoing COVID 19 pandemic as the COVID cases continue to rise.

Actor Vijayendra Kumeria, who is presently shooting for Amir Jaffar and Sonali Jaffar’s production Aapki Nazron Ne Samjha too expresses concern and shedding more light on it, he says, “The government is trying its best to tackle the situation, has laid down the safety protocols that need to be followed. But the cases are still rising because some of us are still taking things lightly. Only the government can’t help, the citizens too need to comply with the rules responsibly”.

Trying their best to shoot so as to entertain people and that people associated with the show are employed. Many TV shows are busy creating episode banks and on this he says, “We tried our best too but it’s very difficult given the fact that we are doing a daily soap. So making a bank of more than 3-4 episodes is like a dream, hence we have to continue shooting”.

“But we as entertainers are trying our best to help them relax their minds in such stressful times”, says Kumeria, the actor, who was not skeptical of travelling outside in these pandemic times. He believes that “show must go on”.

He further adds, “Producer duo Amir and Sonali Jaffar are good producers and the content of the show is fantastic”.

Personally, Kumeria is being extra careful in terms of hygiene, food choices etc and opening up on this, he says, “Everybody is masked up, sanitisation is up to the mark and social distancing is practiced. That’s all we are supposed to do, and I am doing the same. I am a part of the team, so I need to keep myself safe and also think about how I can help others. That’s what I am focused on”.

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