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Vijayendra Kumeria: My Grandmother Was A Hindi Movie Buff

In his recent interview, winning hearts of fans as Darsh Rawal in Aapki Nazron Ne Samjha, Vijayendra Kumeria on his acting bug says my grandmother was a hindi movie buff.

In his recent interview off late, the dapper TV star winning hearts of fans and audiences as Darsh Rawal in ace producer Amir and Sonali Jaffar’s hit serial Aapki Nazron Ne Samjha produced under their banner Full House Media Pvt Ltd airing on Star PlusVijayendra Kumeria says my grandmother was a hindi movie buff.

Opening up on how he right from young age got bitten by the acting bug and much more, TV actor Vijayendra Kumeria says my grandmother was a hindi movie buff.

Sharing about how he got fond and passionate about acting right from his childhood, TV actor Vijayendra Kumeria says my grandmother was a hindi movie buff.

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Guess how Vijayendra Kumeria got bitten by the acting bug. Well, all thanks to his late grandmother, who was a Hindi movie aficionado, and has a good collection of classics in her film library and speaking about same, he said, “I have watched a lot of films as my grandmother was an out-and-out movie buff. Her collection of classics Hindi films is sort of a treasure trove. She used to watch them a lot along with the new released and would make sure we kids watch them too”.

The first film that Kumeria watched on the big screen was Khuda Gawah and expressing his love for Amitabh Bachchan, he said, “I was an Amitabh Bachchan fan from the beginning, so when I watched him on the big screen, it was a memorable experience… In fact watching films and the ones my grandmother made us watch is the reason why I developed this knack towards acting. I used to by-heart my favourite dialogues and perform them in front of the mirror. I think that really developed my interest subconsciously. Today I am the happiest delivering dialogues in front of the camera for my audience”.

People usually have a different picture in mind before they enter the industry, but then things change when they become a part of it and shedding light on it, he said, “Yes I too expected it to be filled with glamour and that it will be an easy life, but it’s quite an opposite experience. There is glamour but then there is a lot more hard work, commitment and failures that you have to face to become a successful actor”.

But even with the struggles, Kumeria feels taking up acting as a career option is the best decision that has been made and spilling beans on same, he shares, “At the end of the day, I am doing what I love the most. There is work satisfaction in this profession. I am ever grateful and lucky to be getting good work and substantial characters one after the other that are only helping me grow”.

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