Wait What!! Hindustani Bhau Didn't Delete Tiktok In Support Of Carryminati!!

While the world is under financial and health crisis, netizens are busy debating on YouTube vs TikTok. However, a TikToker who goes by the name Amir Siddiqui, is reason behind the controversy blew so much, recently, his brother Faizal posted a video glorifying acid attack, he was bashed for the video, netizens started trending ban tik tok and started uninstalling the app. Hindustani Bhau a well-known name for creating interesting videos also deleted TikTok from his phone. Bhau was appreciated for it and his fans followed his footsteps. However, in an interview, Bhau clarified that it's not got anything to do with Carryminati but is his personal choice, he said, "I have deleted it for a cause. TikTok is no more a platform for entertainment, it is being used to spread wrong message. Hence, I decided I will not only leave it but will put in all efforts to shut it down. China has sent two forms of viruses- one is Coronavirus and other is TikTok and I want to get relieved from both. So, I killed the virus." Bhau further claims, he doesn't need anyone, but still if anyone wants to come ahead and support him in this cause, they are most welcome and those who don't want to, then that's their life. Let us know in the comments below what do think about Bhau's statement and who's side are you on TikTok or YouTube??

21st May 2020 | 03:00 PM (IST)