Vishal Karwal Talks About How Playing Diverse Characters Made Him A Better Actor

Dwarkadeesh fame Vishal Karwal is glad that he got to play different roles in every teleserial. Starting his career as pilot, to participating in the reality show, from God on television to Ghost in the movies, the actor has seen lot of changes throughout his life. However, Vishal never intended to become an actor as he revealed that during his engineering days he participated on reality just for the love for travel and bikes Vishal gained confidence to face the camera after doing multiple reality shows, looking back at his journey, Vishal says, “I was very nervous to even stand in front of the camera. I had never done anything like that before. My co-stars helped a lot to get better in the craft and once my shot was done, I used to sit behind the monitor and look at the other actors performing and try and understand the nuances of acting.” Vishal has now been a part of many television shows but he shared that the character of Lord Krishna really impacted him as an actor. After all his television stints, Vishal was then offered horror movie which was again completely different what he did before. But he believes that challenging himself with diverse roles is only going to make him better. He signed the films and finally made his debut in Bollywood.

3rd June 2020 | 02:23 PM (IST)