TV Stars Share Heartfelt Note On Pregnant Elephants’ Death

The news of the death of a pregnant elephant after eating a pineapple filled with firecrackers is breaking everyone's heart. The news was first shared by the Kerala forest department in which they mentioned that the elephant was in the hunt for the food when she found this pineapple. Along with netizens, celebs too are heartbroken by the tragic incident, TV stars such as Hina Khan, Rashami Desai, Mahhi Vij, Madhurima Tulli, and others express their anger on social media. Rashami shared a picture on Twitter and wrote, “My heart bleeds seeing this kind of activities taking place.. Can we have strict laws for such animal cruelty So bloody INHUMAN.” While Mahhi wrote, "Humanity reaches a new low every single day" Karan Kundra wrote, "We have failed! My heart sinks thinking about what is going on" Hina khan poured her heart out and wrote, "The conscious being, the creature created in gods own image, the species that boasts as the sole master of the planet. Yet so petty, so ungodly, so disgraceful, so unconscionable and so inhuman. Wars, Pandemics, Deaths, Racism, Rapes, Diseases, Calamities and many more.. all by our hands! We are Murderers.. We seem to be immune to learning from our mistakes. We seem to be so unchangeable . But Change is inevitable! Humanity has lost all hopes of proving itself as a saviour species. So far we've only been destroying, devastating and killing." Ronit Roy wrote, "Agar maine tumhare bachche ko galti se kuchal diya hota toh mujhe pagal kehke mujhe goli maar di hoti. Mere bachche ko maara! Ab tum kya ho? Jawab do!"

6th June 2020 | 01:21 PM (IST)