Tarun Khanna Replaces Manav Gohil In Tenali Rama

Actor Tarun Khanna is set to take over as the witty and fun-loving king, Raja Krishnadevaraya, from Manav Gohil in the TV show, Tenali Rama. "I have played the role of Mahadev previously and in the last 4 years, the only role that I have done along with this was that of Chanakya. So, when I got the opportunity to play the role of Raja Krishnadevaraya I jumped at it because it’s a classic tale of Tenali Rama that I had read as a child and I was always fascinated by the King’s character,” said Tarun. “When I was offered the role, I didn’t even have to think and I accepted the role. Playing this role gives me a chance to play a light-hearted character because in my previous role I had to be very cautious in my portrayal of the character,” he added.

23rd July 2020 | 12:41 PM (IST)