Shweta Tiwari Recalls When Palak Spent 1 Lakh Rupees On Make Up

It is said that Daughter learns so much from her mother from an early age and no doubt why Mother-Daughter gel up so well. From fashion to makeup daughters learn so much while growing up. Similarly, Shweta Tiwari's bond with her daughter Palak had been talk of town as they have gone through so much but the duo has stood strong with each other in any circumstances. Recently, in an interview Shweta revealed how Palak shopped for makeup worth Rs 1 Lakh 80 thousand for her 16th birthday, she said, "On her 16th birthday, she went and shopped for like 1 lac 80 thousand worth of makeup. Such expensive products, ek ek eyeshadows iske 7-7 hazaar 8-8 hazaar ke…I called my family and said, ‘It’s time! I want a son’ I cannot afford so much. I cannot have another daughter.” Shweta further talked about the difficulties they have overcome together. Shweta and Palak who share a great bond with each other share a sister-like bond, rather than that of a mother and daughter. Meanwhile, Palak will soon be taking over her mother's career as soon as finds a perfect role. Palak is socially active and is one of the most prominent internet sensations.

12th May 2020 | 02:09 PM (IST)