Shehnaaz Gill's Father Santokh Singh Proves His Innocence After Being Accused For Harassment

Santokh Singh father of Punjab ki Katrina Shehnaaz Gill, was booked by Punjab police after a women accused him of rape in his car at a gunpoint. Reportedly, the incident took place on May 14, but police registered the case days later on May 19 after the victim filed a complaint. However Santokh sons Shehbaz Gil came in forward squashed all the rumours and claims that lady is trying to defame my father. They have enough proofs that the lady is lying. Reportedly, after a tiff with her boyfriend the victim arrived at Shehnaaz' house after she learnt that his boyfriend named Lucky is at his place. Santokh was waiting for the woman outside his house. When she arrived he made her sit in his car and promised her that he will soon call her boyfriend to meet her. Santokh Singh raped her and even threatened to kill her. Now Santokh who is a also a well known politician, clarifies the while situation, he said that he was at his residence the whole day when the lady alleged the incident. He said his home is covered by CCTV and there is sufficient proof. The politician said that she is a divorcee with a child and apparently wanted to marry Lucky Sandhu, who was her business partner. He knows Lucky for a long time and had advised them to solve their personal issues on their own.

22nd May 2020 | 03:40 PM (IST)