Samay Shah Shoots A Heartwarming Video On The Silent Warrior The Watchmen

Coronavirus lockdown has not only affected the common citizen but prominent people are also struggling. From financial crisis to health, the fight against invisible army is getting worse day by day. However, people are coming out and sharing how the lockdown has affected their mental health, while there are some people trying their level best to spread positivity amidst such difficult crisis. Taarak Mehta ka Oltah Chasham fame Samay Shah, wh plays the character of Gogi in the comedy, recently took advantage of the current situation and made a short film on one of the silent warrior Watcmen. In the video, Samay has portrayed the watchmen as a hero, a person who is also trying to save others life, Samay has not just written the concept and the lines but also shot the video. Sharing the video, he wrote, "The watchman. JOB IS A JOB OF EVERY PERSON TO COMPLETE THEIR NEEDS. IT IS OKAY IF THE JOB IS NOT A WHITE COLLAR JOB, AS HE/SHE IS TRYING THEIR LEVEL BEST TO SECURE THE FUTURE BUT IN ALL THESE THINGS THERE COMES HUMANITY, SOCIETY, AND A JUDGE IN WHICH THEIR OPINION EFFECTS MANY PEOPLE AROUND. PEOPLE SAY WHY DO YOU LISTEN I SAY WHY DO I IGNORE. People are very judgemental so presenting you a story that I have written on a person who is very unnoticed in this pandemic a story of THE WATCHMAN. So let us come together and notice each and every thing/person who is supporting us in this pandemic but are very unnoticed. DON’T JUDGE IT IS JUST A PERSPECTIVE."

20th May 2020 | 12:06 PM (IST)